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  1. Xaku's Gaze can do this in a large area, armor and shields, with 200% ability strength.
  2. Even without fire rate mods, which you seem to not like, try replacing the 60/60 for full elemental mods. 70% status is unnecessary. Really what is less efficient is what you posted, as that used to essentially be my first pixia build, which underperformed to full size elements and agility over pact and 60/60's. One source of a fire rate boost and full elements the pixia will shred 160+ gunners in no time, seeker letting you shoot through waves of mobs without problems. Hell, i'll record a video even with my builds if you'd like.
  3. Alright. Replace augur pact and scorch, with Anemic Agility/Seeker. Personally I would replace the 60/60% status mods with their full size versions for more actual damage, but if you do go without fire rate mods, the 2 for viral are fine. Maim would also be a fine option to replace pact for a higher slash focus, but pact is sorta fine for better slash procs. Either replace pact and scorch for crit mods, or with seeker and anemic agility. Later today i'll post my actual builds. I go all full size mods, as anemic or velocity offset less status chance with the higher fire rate. Even without, 2
  4. I'd rather see the build that some meme template.
  5. Your videos show your warframe build, not your pistol builds (unless I missed them). Post your actual Dex Pixia build. You once again refuse to explain your definition of "Minigun build". Use of Velocity? Razorwing Blitz? I can see you have precision and pistoleer, but I want to see your actual pistols build that you claim is inferior to non-exalted guns. You really have not provided many "facts", just various statements and constant mention of "minigun"
  6. Most of which are scissors that we don't use the scissor function of. Under-utilized melee archetype imo. More blade whips and stances would be cool, but no more fake scissors
  7. Flat added crit chance that scales with strength seems kinda overboard, along with 2 strong passives. Still, neat concepts, 2 primaries seems cool. Base armor appears to be extremely high, considering that one of the suggested abilities increases your base armor and regens armor on taking damage, Armaments seems like a bit much, seeing that it also has no cost to use. Also with the 1 increasing base armor. Maybe change it to simply consume ammunition to restore your armor, based on the ammo type consumed (Sniper, Pistol/Rifle, Shotgun, Arrows, etc.) instead of increasing your already impressiv
  8. What is this "minigun build"? The use of Arcane Velocity? They build the same as nearly any other automatic pistol in the game. Just that the base damage is high enough that you can spare a slot for seeker or something. Post what you keep calling "the minigun build". You seem to keep saying this for some reason. And by what metric do you mean you'll be "behind" any other player with normal weapons? Most of what you are saying doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. "Dex pixia is a part of the ability. And it actually degrades your killing efficiency" what?
  9. So essentially something like Chroma's Vex Armor or Harrow's Covenant, both of which build up a buff based on damage taken, and buff allies. Adaptation as a passive would be pretty strong, the mod itself is already pretty overpowered as it is. Also what do you mean by "when their armor drops to 0%"? Your warframe's armor stat isn't reduced by just taking damage, and isn't permanently stripped by enemy attacks/abilities. Do you mean something like Inaros's Scarab Armor? Sounds like you are describing something like just standard shields.
  10. Yeah, fatal teleport is very useful for picking off single targets, and not having to mash X to get the finisher to activate. Sadly he's one of those frames that heavily relies on his augments, Fatal Teleport and Rising Storm. Honestly I hate when an augment is a complete, direct upgrade to a skill, making it almost necessary to equip.
  11. Also, compared to other melee, her talons have incredibly low status, making them unviable for use with Condition Overload (using a high status weapon like Nukor or Cedo can sort of alleviate this), and inability to equip acolyte mods like Weeping Wounds and Blood Rush. High crit lets them easily one shot most enemies short of the steel path. The energy cost does make it hard to build combo, but that's due to the built in invulnerability that Hysteria provides, along with the life steal. Really what Valkyr needs is a rework for her Ripline and Paralysis, both being relatively worthless s
  12. Not much of a benefit for exalted blade to build combo when it cannot make use of acolyte mods, like blood rush or weeping wounds. It would be useful I suppose for the Gladiator set bonus (i'm not sure if that effects an exalted weapon, correct me if i'm, wrong). A wave on the heavy attack would be great.
  13. Might be an oversight. I own Oberon Prime's immortal, it just adds the details to the prime appearance.
  14. I mentioned the specific bosses because that is the only time I feel like using the razorwing blitz augment not that the razorwing ability is only good against them, reread the post. The dex pixia are build like every single other secondary in the game, with multishot, your elements, damage mods. Can have crit mods, or use maim, Seeker, Fire rate mods as options. The pixia do not need aoe to compete with any non-exalted automatic weapon, which can be modded for punchthrough to get past being single target. Hell, you do not need to boost fire rate or use arcane velocity to boost the fire rate f
  15. The immortal skin for Oberon Prime uses the Prime skin, adding the immortal details. This is the case for most of the immortal skins, save a few that appear bugged and use the non-prime appearance, or Limbo/Mesa Immortal, which use a unique skin. Oberon Feyarch I believe removes the shoulders, or it comes with its own.
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