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  1. Rubico and Rubico prime have different dispositions, the mod screen shows the disposition for the normal Rubico so you would have higher stats in there, but when equipping it on the prime, you would have lower stats due to the lower disposition.
  2. week or two before christmas, patch out stuff before christmas then go on holiday
  3. I think it would be better to remove the common resources and credits from tables rather than endo.
  4. Ive had this issue happen, ordis keeps going on and on and we cant see the % of the different helminth resources. Can we just disable videos from Ordis
  5. just unlock the star chart, takes a few hours at most. if youre able to survive steel path missions you probably have something that can take hits from regular star chart. get some weapon that can deal decent damage and finish the chart.
  6. I dont care about wukongs in a public match, but i leave pre made squads where one of them insists in getting a wukong because that generally means they will AFK. Wukong himself is an excellent frame with all the things needed to survive, play well and use helminth on. His 4 might be utter trash but thats a positive for me cause i can get rid of it in the helmnith,
  7. For any Lith relic, Hepit on void T1. For any Meso/Neo Ukko on Void T3. And for any Axi, disruption on Lua. For specific relics, check the wiki for drop tables.
  8. We have a solid opening and a solid mid level content sink, instead of moving things, I fell it would be better to introduce more quests, or flesh out existing quests. Some quests are pretty boring and are just fetch quests which can definitely do with an overhaul. But we know DE is busy with the new war right now, and i doubt creating early game content is on anybodys priority, but i agree with OP that the new player experience needs more.
  9. Well i guess technically, all steel path missions are a kuva farm since acolytes.
  10. Then people would just find a spot where enemy cannot attack you, pretty easy to bug out the map. But the timer reduction i agree with.
  11. Blood rush, Weeping wounds, Primed fever strike, Your riven, Sacrificial steel, Sacrificial pressure or Primed pressure point, Organ shatter Last slot is up to you run gladiator rush if you aren't using swift momentum and/or primary/secondary dexterity for combo duration since you don't have naramon. Or use gladiator might. (The 90% heat or cold ((cold does bonus 25% against alloy, to compensate for the 75% by corrosive to ferrite)) mod is also not a bad idea, but glad mods give you that nice set bonus of extra crits) Your riven isnt the best for a slash focused build, but if you were to roll it and get CC, CD, Melee damage or +slash on riven without ANY elements, you could try the same build but with buzz kill instead of primed fever strike. This is my build and i can confirm it scales extremely well and can easily do level cap in steel path no problems. @AlexLight001Khoras whip has all three IPS in equal amounts.
  12. Sabmir cloud in Veil is a spy mission and with the a spy speedrunning setup, you can be done with the mission in 5 to 7 minutes. It gives 150k creds (300k with booster), 70% chance for an Axi relic and about a 1000 endo per run.
  13. still more useful than half the warframe passives, nova for example
  14. Yes, please explain this post. idk what this is supposed to mean
  15. Just tried galvanized diffusion on my mesa prime. works in the modding screen at least.
  16. TYPE: In gameDESCRIPTION: Zetki mistyped as Zekti in elite crews bonus REPRODUCTION: Look at any elite crew with + damage using Zetki EXPECTED RESULT: It should say ZetkiOBSERVED RESULT: It says ZektiREPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  17. Title explains what I want to get across, there's no reason why it shouldn't and even with the augment, the Kuva Hek will not out DPS many other shotguns like the Cedo and Phantasma. Please allow us to use this mod, for consistency across how the syndicate mods work. Thank you.
  18. Did anyone find the Cenote Pit Monster puzzle, it was added in the new update and seems to spawn a boss that drops the necramech mod from oprhix venom.
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