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  1. no l can not see other people in the relays but yes l can play and chat with people in the squad thanks for asking
  2. So lt started around sunday the 30th september 2019. l was gonna trade a nyx prime neuroptics with a guy that offerd me 20p and l said sure. So l invited him and we went to my dojo and l loaded in first so l was waiting on him, but he never showed up.. after a minute l asked where he was and he said "in your dojo where you invited me..but l can't see you" and l said cant see you either.. so l restarted the game and invited him again and did the same thing. and the same thing happend when l couldn't see him.. So l was like thats weired... it will hopefully fix itself tomorrow.... its the 2 october now and is still not fixed... please fix please please please :love: PS From a lovely tenno edit: l now know what the problem is... it is that l dont have the two-step-verification on..... l tried to enable it but.. lt didn't work. l go on the warframe website and go to my account mangement but the two-step-verification thing doesn't show up. l have looked up on youtube but doesn't work aswell so please messenge DE about this :love:
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