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  1. I literally have -range, but still it g o e s t o t h e e n e m i e s. oh yeah, I should use a sniper and shoot 100 meters away.
  2. Excuse me, I have. Tell me how the 1 can be useful if it literally goes to the enemies and I lose the damage reduction. The 3? I don't have any issue traveling during missions, only in open maps like PoE. But, guess what! Archwing.
  3. Strength doesn't affect the 8x dmg it absorbs, only the radiation dmg it deals before exploding.
  4. But Nova's 2 isn't affected by Range, I've seen it in the wiki, and tested it.
  5. I have Nova, and I'm aware of what the 2 can do. But, it's s l o w, and the area isn't that big. Though it's funny nuking corpus ships in Fortuna with it.
  6. yeah, but at least their abilities are used, with Inaros, I only press the 4 once, and the 1, hardly ever
  7. yeah but, Nova only uses her 4 and she isn't thattt boring, while Inaros uses his 4 and sometimes his 1 and is soooo boring That's why I think Nidus is a well designed warframe, you use all of his abiltities, he is fun, and if you "combine" the abilities, they're even stronger
  8. Don't get me wrong, he is a good warframe. But, it doesn't make sense that he has 4 abilities but only 2 are used.
  9. Title says all, basically, I can't make my kavat vasca tought enough to survive at least 1 minute. I use enchanted vitality, and it has got 1k health but still, it doesn't seem enough?
  10. At least in PC, you press shift twice (basically rolling)
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