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  1. Yeah, someone at DE needs to get a few other ultrawide monitors to test on. I've had a 3440x1440 display for over a year and it's been pretty bad since day 1. Every day I'm greeted by that stretched out, messed up scaling splash screen at launch, outright dumb UI scaling that leaves a sea of unused real estate, and warped edges that make far away things appear within arms' reach. I've given up any hope of them addressing any of this stuff. It's a <1% playerbase problem and they're drowning in an ocean of other bugs.
  2. Ditto. I didn't check the weapon skins, but saw the syandana and affinity booster were added. Went back to Steam, no weapons skins or booster. Tried EGS again, same as Steam.
  3. As someone that was SUPER critical of the scintillant drop rates, I think they're MUCH better now. In a 3 vault run, I generally find ~2-3, versus before when I ran 10+ 3T vaults and found none. Here are some tricks: Doing a vault's Arcana bounty will cause the same scintillant to respawn at the same locations (at least for the first playthrough). You can cheese the respawn mechanic - Get into the isolation vault and locate the scintillant. None? Abandon and retry until you find one. You may need to return to the orbiter or Necralisk to force the map to gener
  4. You can use the same technique with caves - just run outside the cave looking away from the water, wait a few seconds, and run back. At least it worked for me with one of the caves close to the Necralisk (facing away from door, go straight down into the valley then turn right - the short river that's under the place where 3 pillars are next to each other) And I assume the spears are bugged wrt attracting enemies, but I'm also pretty sure they aren't in a hurry to fix it. Swapping from fishing spear/tranq gun/mining laser to weapons, causes the game to update the servers with your current
  5. Nice find with the technique in the video. This is exactly the behavior I saw with the cave hot spots - run out the entrance, wait 3 secs, come back to 4-6 fish. I think it supports some of my guesses for how they piece together the open worlds. The edge of the map is like a mission map tile, as are the caves. So, like mission maps, when you cross tile boundaries and wait a few seconds, the spawns in surrounding tiles trigger. With more messing around, it looks like my earlier observations happen mostly after being in zone for a while, which leads me to think it's some type of accumu
  6. No, I'm sure I was at bugged hotspots. Were you invisible and with silenced weapons? Nothing was spawning with primary or spear out. Literally 2 seconds after equipping my secondary there were ~4 fish right underneath me. Swapped back to spear, caught all fish then waited, nothing. Waited 3-5 minutes, still nothing. Swap to secondary, fish in 2 sec. Tested on multiple spots to make sure. Maybe it has to do with my setup? Using: Ivara Prime in Prowl Primary: Ignis Wraith and Rubico Prime silenced Secondary: Kuva Nukor silenced Melee: Plague Keewar zaw Spe
  7. OMG, I have a workaround, I think. Need some others to test this: In short, lure fish out with you secondary weapon by zooming in (right clicking) like you would with the spear. The spear prevents spawning. The fish are alerted by the fishing spear. Instead of equipping the spear to trigger fish spawning, equipping the spear will start the despawn timer for any visible fish and prevent new ones from spawning. So, find a hotspot, switch to secondary (does not work with primary for me), aim, wait 2 seconds. Bam! Fishies! As soon as you unzoom, you'll start the despawn timer and sp
  8. This probably isn't true. I run SP Oxomoco, Void as Ivara for Semaris scans and always go straight to the extraction tile. I scan, wipe out the group, wait for the next group to come running in, scan, kill, repeat. No acolytes spawn before the extraction room, even after 30 minutes. Once the timer hits ~5-8 minutes and I kill 30-50 guys, an acolyte has spawned on every run. I can afk for 5 minutes, kill another 30-50 guys, and get another acolyte to spawn without leaving the tile. If I didn't kill anything after the initial acolyte spawn, no further acolytes spawned (wait ~20 minutes to test).
  9. Yup, same problem. Other observations: Fish can be found while walking around and unlike before the patch, they don't immediately run away and despawn. They stay for a while, but nothing new spawns. Pulling out the spear will sometimes play the fish sounds, but nothing spawns (using codex scanner to check). Regarding the brief periods where fish spawn as expected: Fish spawn regardless of whether you have the spear or a weapon out. I've only come across working areas inside caves. Never happened in the open, but that might be my luck. I've been
  10. The scintillent drop is flat out player hostile. There's a post on Reddit on how to cheese it, but I'm not sure they'd like me linking to it. Start the vault bounty with Mother in the Necralisk in solo mode. Finish the first vault and note exactly where scintillent spawns. If one doesn't spawn, head back to your orbiter, then back to Necralisk, and try the same bounty again (don't just go to the Necralisk and take the same bounty - I'm pretty sure it uses the same layout). Once you get a run with a floating scintillent, accept the vault bounty from mother in the Cambian Drift right by whe
  11. Yup, played a couple RJ rounds yesterday and pilot was unable to fly through most of the map. I was able to fly through in AW to pick up resources. We had constant hull ruptures in a maxed out ship with only 1-2 crewships and no fighters in the area. And I mean CONSTANT. As soon as 1 was fixed, another would appear before Ceph Cy's voice line. This increased the chance of fires, which had to be ignored because in the time it took to extinguish, another rupture would occur. Totally broken.
  12. First, to all the "take a break" comments, that seems to be the go-to message when there's a broadly critical comment. I've played several games with much less content, with themes I have zero interest for outside that game, and for much longer stretches without breaks. Hell, if the game wasn't the undeniably buggy mess it is now, I might be able to look past some of my gripes. The broader problem is that they keep adding "content" without fixes GLARING issues or tying any of the existing content together, which reeks of trying to push "player engagement" over player experience. Instead o
  13. Popped in for a little over an hour, and from a completionist's perspective, this ain't it, cap'n. - More vault bounties... don't care. Those were a chore and I'm not grinding those again. - Infested kitguns... oh look scintillant. Nope. Never touching. That kills the new arcanes, too. - New Necramech... don't care. My voidrig is the only thing that hasn't been maxed because necramechs are so incredibly boring. I have zero idea why these were added - they contribute nothing and the aesthetic is bizarrely disjointed from the rest of the game. - (Apparently unintentional) Bonewidow we
  14. This seems to work. I started doing this before even seeing this post as a superstition, but with only 1-2 doors, and have not run into the problem since. If I let another team member handle the base (and they don't check the rooms), it bugs out 50% of the time.
  15. Edit: Found the yellow shackles on a yellow wall with their yellow glow. I must have been too close before and not seen the white text on the blown-out yellow-white glare caused by the flashlight. Just bad, bad design. For those that haven't, turn off volumetric lighting in the options to make the platform jumping part less atrocious. For for that part, pay attention to the stem of the thing with the bronze arc across the top and the symbol in the middle of the circular glass-top section of the other device. The rest are a number, a weapon, and a item/resource. Boss fight w
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