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  1. This has been the case since necramechs were introduced, which means it probably won't get fixed until they rework the whole thing in a year or two. Is it taking away affinity? Showing the wrong affinity? Improperly applying a bonus? We'll never know. To kinda get around it, don't trust the tab screen. Wait until you see the level up animation/notification and then extract. There's a lag for in-mission item level and extraction item level, so take that into account because you'll probably see a ding for level 27, but actually need to wait until the 28 ding. (example - You'll get a frame t
  2. When trying to trade a Rank 0 Augur Reach to another player. Only Augur Reach mods that are equipped (glowing bottom circle) are shown in the trading station UI and none have the label indicating copies in the top left. In the inventory and mod station screens, it shows a Rank 0 is equipped on a frame and there are 9 unequipped copies. Continuing to select the mod in the trading post (no copies shown, shown as equipped) bring up the "This is equipped, do you want to remove it" dialogue. Selecting OK bring up the "Select number of copies" dialogue. Selecting 1 and OK again brings up t
  3. I've only been playing for a couple years, but thought I'd add that you should be ready for tons of wasted potential. There will be many, "Huh! That's cool. I wonder where they'll go with that" moments. The answer is always, "Nowhere." That goes for grinds, too. There's very little that crosses between the content islands, so if you hate grinding infested, too bad. Nothing you did elsewhere in the game will get you anything in the infested open world added in the previous patch. Likewise, nothing you grind in the infested world will carry over to the latest update (with one exception).
  4. (Ran ~15 storms since this post. Added more to the bottom.) I'm sorry, but i think the way DE implemented Void Storms is simply bad. Tried a couple Void Storm missions (Skirmish and Exterminate). The exterminate never spawned void storm enemies and the 2 skirmishes were just plain bad. You get to see why not allowing people to bring their ship is a huuuuuuge pain. Lith Void Storm I joined a ship that had nothing upgraded and ~1000 health. It was being torn apart every 2 seconds. My ship is fully kitted and would have had no trouble. Is there a time limit? Do objectives or
  5. Similarly, in The Index, Umbra will walk off a cliff and the same symptoms occur. In this case, you can pick up arena points and deposit them while being totally invincible and invisible. Jumping off the edge as operator does not resolve the bug.
  6. Playing high risk Index now and decided to stay for round 2 while the rest left (full team to start). After host migration the camera became fixed on the initial view of the scoreboard. It's been a few minutes and no specters of brokers have appeared. The announcer said a couple lines ("Lots of brokers on the floor today!"), but was quiet after ~30 seconds. I hear nothing - no gunfire, voices, etc. The music still plays and the animations are still playing. It's the Ice Base map, so I can see an energy orb on the left shimmering, clouds moving, scoreboard refresh effect, and tree branches
  7. It's incredible. I just tried RJ for the first time since the rework and not a single mission went by without a game-breaking, or at least near-game-breaking, bug. I joined (not hosted) enough missions to get ~700 Intrinsic points (with the early adopter booster and affinity blessing on). My experience: Had to Alt+F4 3 times Every mission that didn't start from my orbiter get the "no objectives" bug, if I didn't join a team already experiencing it. Perma-died once (no body marker, no hold x to respawn) because I boarded an Ice Cave right into a black screen and maybe did
  8. I should have added a tl;dr, which is - If you want just 1 maxed copy of each avionic, you'll be fine. If you upgraded many avionics for trade or to have max-1 or max-2 rank versions, the bunch of unused dirac converted to endo will not cover the cost to get back to where you were. This is mostly because of the rarity, rank number, and merger of avionics that changed when they transitioned to mods. Two/Three numbers make the point: Maxing a rare avionic: 3,810 Dirac. Maxing a rare mod: 30,690 Endo (and 1.5mil credits). Note that the effects of the mods are gen
  9. Yeah, I'm totally cool with 90% of the changes. They have mods on archwings and necramechs, so why have this special grid thing that serves the same purpose for railjacks? I'm surprised they went with endo because they're usually stingy with it, but that's cool. It just seems the first step should have been to convert the avionics directly into mods, with the same rarity, ranks, and costs. The plating makes sense, but it's a little strange that the health, armor, and shields don't come from mods. But hey, nothing else in the game has a swappable reactor, so let's see where it goes. I
  10. "This isn't my first response to one of your comments." - Implies you are well-versed at responding to my comments, which would mean beyond this post. - If you were arguing the point/facts you wouldn't need to point out you've done it before, unless to crave sweet forum recognition. - Implies my comments have a long history of inaccuracies. Any mistakes I've made, I've corrected immediately. "You must have known that I'd be calling you out on it. (Again.)" - Implies I've been maliciously deceptive and that you're here to avail these fine forum goers of my cruel tricks. - Wouldn'
  11. Honestly, I don't know. The whole thing lacked any transparency, so there are places you could lose out. For example, there's no Bulkhead mod, which had 7 ranks. It got combined with some others for an aura. Did they scrap those mods or refund to unrank them? Not sure. I've got 1000+ of that aura mod, which is uncommon. No idea how that compares to what I would have otherwise. For someone that isn't trying to collect one of each at each rank, you'll probably be fine. If you upgraded a bunch to trade or have intermediate, non-maxed versions, I'm not sure. I wish I had taken a full accounti
  12. "This isn't my first response to one of your comments. You must have known that I'd be calling you out on it. (Again.) " Now THAT doesn't sound like something a stalker would say. Could've just said, "You smell different when you're asleep."
  13. Because Dirac was worthless, I had 400k or it, and I could sell max ranked avionics for double the price. If you're going to pay 10 plat for rank 0 Hyperstrike, chances are you'll pay 20 for a maxed one. Hell, half the time I just gave them away.
  14. I have no idea who you are, or that you apparently have a fascination with me, which I find hilarious. Anyways, just to upgrade 1 of each rare with 10 ranks to max rank it's ~120k endo (4 x 30,690). Double that to upgrade the lower ranks. It's ~20k for 10 rank uncommons, for which there are 5. another 100k. Double for the lower ranks. Ignoring allllllll the other mods, that 440k endo on 9 mods. But please, continue to call me out, I guess.
  15. I tend to find uses for mods at 1 or 2 ranks below max, so I just keep one of each rank around just in case. By changing the rarity and number of ranks, you can't directly compare before and after. Avionics that took 930 Dirac to max now take 40k Endo. On top of that, I had many already maxed to use for trading. So, if all you do is upgrade a single avionic and single mod, it isn't a big deal. But, if you upgrade more, the additive effect of the reserve Dirac doesn't make up for the multiplicative effect of the full set/trading fodder. I had 400k Dirac, and as posted above, I've used 300k
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