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  1. Interesting, so it's sort of like a male Equinox but based around Purification and Pscince? Neat..
  2. "Oh, yes yes....#3491839, that's to contact Xoltas, i do think he's busy repairing the railjack. Thank you anyway." He took off his exo-suit, revealing his grey suit, matching vest and his Mesa Prime-esk over-coat and hat, and went over to the arena to watch the Lunaro match.
  3. "The names Carolus Evle, ma'am, and I guess Sun.."
  4. (OOC: Don't mind me, but imma slide on in) Whilst the others were arguing, a Sigma-Class grey, blue and gold Railjack lands at the docking bay, making a few scars in it's hull. And out the side of this massive ship is an Prime-looking Gauss and his Kavat. It speeds past the guards, saying, "Sorry, but I gotta go! Just don't touch the void drive! Or anything, for the matter!". The Gauss makes to the front entrance and heads to the main desk, "Hi, mind if I take one of the spare rooms?"
  5. Hmmm, looks interesting enough...I'll give it a try. Name: Maxus DeEvlstone Faction: Tenno, but does side jobs for the Grineer Race: Orokin Age:18 Personality: Comes off as rude and standoff-esh, but underneath is a heart of gold Appearance: His skin is a grey-esh blue due to burns and wears a grey vest, shirt and pants covered by a black and gold trench coat and a matching fedora, and also wears fingerless bronze nuckle studded gloves and metal-toed boots. Main Frame of use: Revenant
  6. Hello There, I have posted the link to my doc in the upper comment, I hope you guys would maybe look over it and have a wonderful day Deus Vult!
  7. Hello There, I was wondering if i could join you and your fellows on your quest, this is the first draft but i hope it's to your liking https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nk3OmbXGGdZXB2JP8kfL3byp5j26LbIpeRUTIV_nEkc/edit?usp=sharing
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