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  1. I just got the New Loka Stencil and when I put it on my Orbiter Personal Quarters, it looks brighter than other colors. I also tried with the Perrin Sequence stencil but that one is fine. It's just the New Loka one that is way brighter. Perrin Sequence Stencil New Loka Stencil
  2. I will just "MeToo" some adult Male operator and I'll be set for life.
  3. I'm mainly a Wisp user and I've been looking to get another Kubrow but I'm undecided between these two and wanted to know which one is better currently, I'm interested in these two for their looting utility / mods. From what I've read, Dig gives ammo, health and energy orbs and sometimes credits and mods but it doesn't work when taking damage or attacking. Retrieve gives you additional items from corpses and containers, another great thing that it used to do was making the Chesa pick up Plant Extracts and Ayatan Sculptures, but it doesn't seem to be true anymore unfortunately. So which one is more useful on the current update?
  4. Not another freaking MOBA please, this genre needs to die...
  5. Please allows us to pick how many rounds we want to go at in Defense missions or ESO on the map nodes before going into the mission, anyone who left before the chosen number of rounds would lose everything gained, no affinity, no loot, no nothing for that player. I'm tired of trolls who leave on the 1st round of ESO, causing a host migration and lose a lot of focus or people who just leave on the first 5 rounds of defense missions. I'd love to know why this isn't implemented yet, would really solve a lot of time and trouble for players.
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