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  1. I just didnt really spend it I got some while farming for a few requiem relics also got like 20k from nightwave and bought 10k more or something and then like got some from sorties I dont know just kinda got it.
  2. Mastery rank doesnt really matter I was doing sorties when I was mr5 you just need to level up a few core mods.
  3. So I have obtained 100k kuva just kind of on accident from doing nightwave and stuff. So im wondering 1. is 100k kuva a lot 2. should I buy a junk riven and reroll it if so what riven would make me a nice profit without being too expensive for a junk riven.
  4. So how much would it cost me to buy a Kuva Kohm? I dont really care about the bonus.
  5. Hey so I have the Vasca Kavat and have been really liking it he revives me almost instantly most times I die so hes very useful however lots of people talk about the Smeeta kavat and im wondering if its really that good and worth switching over. Also whats a good frame to just go in and melee everything without worry of dying even up to sortie 3. I just got grendel and hes pretty good but I dont like his lack of a way to heal himself (hes realallllyyy fun though).
  6. I just did mine on second try big top use the Skiajata (it makes you go invisible if you stealth attack) to stealth attack go behind them when they are not alerted and press x. It makes you go invisible for like 5 seconds and is super helpful. If you really want to cheese it use banshee with the redeemer and you basically have a gun. For me what I did for 3rd stage was jump to the right pillar hide at the corner until the left guard walked back stab him go to guard on raised platform stab him go to guard on other side stab him wait on raised platform until some are seperated stab one and use invis to get others (tip use cephalon simaris in any junction to attempt the test without actually using your attempt) To get the skiajata do the sacrifice quest which is important anyways.
  7. I agree however for my squad the missions were incredibly easy we had a saryn a trinity a nova and a khora (some variations because I played with a few different squads) I think one we had frost. But anyways we did all of them first try no trouble. Also there was some weird glitch were we all got disconnected and when we reconnected we all were able to use mods (it was on last wave so didnt really matter but still interesting)
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