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  1. Everytime i try to access this option it just closes the grandmother's menu, is someone else having this problem?
  2. "mend the family" option cannot be accessed and can't cut the new deimos fishes, they don't show up in daughter cut fish menu.
  3. Great! That means i still can get the update after all, it will just take 3 extra hours but i still can have it! Thank you! Edit: actually when i got my switch the first thing i did was downloading warframe before getting a sd card so until today it was in the base memory. Right now i am moving it to the SD card but that will leave only 4G free which means I will still have to delete and redownload it again when the update arrives. I know I should get a bigger SD card already but i don't have money...
  4. So, because this download is actually 300mb but at first it appears as 6G because is changing old files, that means if I delete the game and redownload it after this update goes live i will skip the "remastering old files" process and get only 300 mb added?
  5. Question: my switch has warframe on the main memory but has space on the SD card (not enough for warframe alone I am afraid), do I need 6 free G in the main memory to get this update or just having in the SD card is enough?
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