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  1. 2 minutes ago, o0Despair0o said:



    Also, no.

    Dude's ugly as sin. I will not accept such eye torture into my arsenal.


    Yeah I just accepted my mistake with the name XD

    Honestly he looks like the warframe version of Cruella De Vil

    What with his pelt and such

  2. 2 minutes ago, vegetosayajin said:

    tbh that happened a long time ago - there are couple of basic things all warframes do: defend, debuff, damage, stealth, recourse acquisition and cc (maybe there are more basic things that they do but that's what I think of)
    Most of the older frames do this one way or another (rhino can damage, cc, frost can defend and "debuff", trinity can give energy and health and debuff, excal can cc and damage, loki/ash can stealth and debuff etc). The newer frames just mix and match the core mechanic and gives it a fresh coat of paint mostly.

    tl;dr imo they ran out of ideas a very very long time ago, but you can go a long way with mixing and matching the same couple of core details and give it a new "look" .

    *me looking at the parasite warframe in fan concepts for several years*

    one day my love......one day they will notice you

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  3. Just now, (XBOX)Apoll0 666 said:

    it's something much different..

    They are all very open to cultural exchange

    Also never thought about him also being an edgy Chroma......huh

    Honestly he's kinda the Chroma I wanted, back we only knew him as a dragon frame. 

    Considering you use Sevagoth's shadow separately and directly.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, (XBOX)Apoll0 666 said:

    Hyroid: *sticks tentacles inside enemies and robs them* 

    Yeah sure, "cultured" 

    Nekros is an honest workin farmer, Sevagoth was just the edgy one who always tried impressing others and was way into JoJo

    Okay lets meet in the middle here:

    Nekros is that grain farmer who you always see in the market with the the same stuff over and over, with sometimes a rare fruit in the mix

    Sevagoth is who Nekros idolizes, he uses that mental image of how cool and edgy his cooler brother is to work that extra inch which usually results in him finally getting that rare fruit


    Also Hydroid doesn't stick the tentacles there, that would be wrong, he introduces the tentacles to the enemy letting nature take its course.

    A true man of culture

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  5. Just now, ReddyDisco said:

     i'll just let regor take this one


    I won't accept that upside-down faced closet otaku. 

    That bastard refused to drop any day-time parts for equinox.

    He is also hording the secret for using the rock'em-sock'em bopper melee weapons from us.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, (XBOX)Apoll0 666 said:

    Sevagoth is literally Nekros' cooler older brother

    I mean lets be honest with ourselves Nekros is a huge nerd and a weirdo that goes through peoples stuff.

    Hydroid at least goes through people's stuff in a cultured way

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  7. Just now, ZeroX4 said:

    NO NO NO

    I anticipate what will be next i dont hope for warframe to end or i want them to stop

    Threre will be some ideas that will be implemented and i want be there to see them

    Thats why we like sci-fi stories because thats someone else idea that was not ours and we want to learn that story

    That is from where im coming from

    Ahh my mistake, sorry I guess I read that wrong XD

    I do enjoy the story they have been taking us on immensely and I also want to see the islands of content, and their squad link concepts, connect all together. 

    God that would make this game just that much more legendary 

  8. 1 minute ago, ZeroX4 said:

    I dont mean it in a bad way

    I just didnt ever understand why ppl are anxious for new warframe when they should be anxious for the moment they run out for ideas for new ones

    I believe that would be more enjoyable moment in warframe history basically to see what will happen next

    I understand where you are coming from. 

    For me, I've already gone through the motions of that fear as well, but I've just gotten to the acceptance point wherein I've played for so long that if they run out of ideas and the game is over I have had enough enjoyment in the game that it was time well spent.

    If anything, I just like Warframes that seem to change up the normal playstyle since that adds new potential ways to mix up the norm by trying new weapon combos and fun builds. 

    Plus all my other friends have stopped playing years ago so I don't really have much else to look forward to doing. 

    Even grinding to MR30 just doesn't seem appealing even when I'm at 29. I'd rather spend my time having fun with the loadouts that I like (like my Kirby Grendel loadout or my Full Metal Alchemist Lavos).

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  9. I don't know why, but I could care less about anything else in the next update, just as long as I can get my hands on that edgy stand user Sevigoth. 

    I really hope he scales well, cause he looks really fun. Now I'm just hoping that the update releases early April (most likely not happening i know but i can dream).

    Anyone else this anxious for Sevigoth?

  10. 14 minutes ago, Archwizard said:

    ... No? You're arguing to leave it as it was and also to fix it, you can't have it both ways unless you can establish why the inconvenience was necessary and how the solution lies elsewhere.

    At any rate, the difference in size isn't terribly significant. From what they've shown, only one room got removed to streamline the size.

    And many players will point out to you that the interior of the ship was too long compared to the exterior size of the ships we were supposedly riding in, so if you're going to argue aesthetics, you're already on the back foot.

    Saying no without any explanation doesn't really contribute anything. 

    I am simply just wanting to not lose too much for the sake of convenience when you can literally teleport to anywhere you need to on the ship when you have that intrinsic.

    I was hoping that with those different sections there might've been room for new additions to the gameplay like grineer or corpus sealing off the finger room and attempting to steal it when they invade your ship (something unique to play off of the different areas)

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  11. Just now, Archwizard said:

    I highly doubt that will be possible for several reasons.

    For one, if you're the host of a bigger ship, that means any players who join your mission will have to deal with the larger size of it -- kinda goes against the point of an update that shifts more power and responsibility onto the individual player. The roulette on whether you enter a mission to a bigger or smaller railjack will be a nuisance.

    Second, the reduced size isn't purely for navigational purposes, but logistical ones. For instance, a larger ship would have more places that hazards can form.

    Those are very valid points that I agree on. 

    However, I hate that they are dumbing down something that never really needed it.

    I like sometimes exploring the ship and its different rooms and how different some are to accommodate what technology they house. 

    Also doesn't having the ship be that big also contribute to the gameplay of fixing it? 

    I mean I loved seeing scenes in star wars when han and chewy were in different areas in the millennium falcon trying to repair it, sometimes in the middle of a battle. 

    It wasn't just a hop scotch away from the helm of the ship, they had to sometimes haul ass over there which made it slightly hilarious and nerve wracking. 

    It just seems like they are taking some of the soul of that game mode away for the sake of simplicity.

    Not everything has to be immediately accessible in a game that's where some of the challenge lies. 

    If everything is convenient, then it just becomes stale and lifeless. 

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