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  1. tengo fe que con esta actualización se arreglará el gran error de matchmaking que sufrieron yo entre ellos y muchos otros jugadores el tiempo dirá menos de dos semanas para saber con certeza ojalá que si así puedo volver a disfrutar el juego con amigos 🙏🏻
  2. I’m RM 30 and for me and believe for many Broken war is one of the best melee u can have if u are long RM trust me u can use just broken war till u get better weapons anyway in ur clan u have many primary or secundary also good if u play Xbox I’m ErshLabel send me friend request and I’ll give u a hand
  3. matchmaking can’t enjoy friends game no one can enjoy my game I opened a ticket before long time DE gave me all class of solution nothing work at the end the only thing that work is VPN but also VPN make sometimes problems and even that I can play with friends now and to enjoy squads in public’s game tanks to VPN is not the real solution I don’t see how can take so long to fix matchmaking? all this started in early December 2020 and from then till now the only way I have to fix matchmaking is just by VPN
  4. what do u mean with reset the game? To reinstall it? This will no fix ur problem just will make u lose time matchmaking is DE problem till they don’t fix it u have nothing to do bro many players do that reinstalling game didn’t solved matchamaking problem I make a new post now I don’t believe DE will fix it soon but who knows perhaps in future with one update this problem will stop for us till then the only way that I see I just by VPN
  5. Do anyone know is DE is trying to fix this matchmaking problem? I see post from 2019 and before so what is the problem here? Why take so long to fix matchmaking? I have spent to much money in this game I can’t believe that this is the way how DE say thanks for the support if someone from DE see this post please fix matchmaking problems warframe isn’t fun playing alone or with VPN and by the way if u think that to use VPN is what U call to fix the problem and to close ticket with this answer so I’m very upset hope u take this matchmaking problem seriously so seriously like u take when u go forw
  6. I have this problem from last November 2020 DE told me many ways to try to fix it nothing of what they said work at the end DE support told me to use VPN and that’s it they closed my ticket without an answer the true is that with VPN it work for me I can join others players now also friend and don’t take much time searching for squad so VPN will solve ur problem but if u ask me even with VPN I don’t feel that DE take this seriously can’t be possible that just with warframe I have matchmaking problems hope this solve ur problem too and let’s 🙏🏻 That DE will fix this problem for to play without
  7. I still have matchamaking problem just with VPN I can enjoy squads and friends game hope this problem get fixed in the near future 🙏🏻 i play series x
  8. The only way I have to fix this problem right now is with VPN hope this problem get fixed soon cuz VPN can be a solution but still have other problems like chat market I have this problem from December 2020 best wishes for DE for to try to fix matchmaking I’m ershlabel and play Xbox series x
  9. has solucionado tu problema? El post es viejo pero recién hoy lo vi yo sufro un problema similar peor lo he arreglado temporalmente
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