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  1. А откуда возьмётся понимание? Либо из чата (в котором якобы "рано сидеть"), либо из гайда (или хотя бы словарика)... Если разгадывать все эти аббревиатуры и эвфемизмы самостоятельно, получится абсолютно иной варфрейм)
  2. I agree. There was a suggestion to auto-refine resources in the end of mission. If it was implemented, the refine button could be safely removed: there's no point in refining mid mission anyway (excessive resources are automatically looted).
  3. On the one hand, complex missions would be really more engaging than the "mono" ones. When there was a sortie on assault node, I was thinking that that mission is a small sortie itself) With story and alternating objectives. On the other hand, having long complex missions can be boring or inconvenient. Even if main goal of the player is not the reward, he might want to have pauses mid-game. I think sorties are better in combining missions. I'd like to see more of them (much more than 1 a day) and with some story, even if it's generated like bounties. I'm often distracted IRL, so I'd have
  4. Exactly my thought. I'd also like having kavats separated from skins too, as skins make bundles unobtainable multiple times (the third bundle can be bought multiple times, but it'd be cool to have copies of all three decorations)
  5. Daily timer resets with steelpath alerts and daily tribute; steelpath has timers in navigation, fo you can use its timer to instantly know where new day begins (if you have any missions left). It's 0:00 UTC, so if you know your timezone, resets are at 0:00 + your timezone. I think defining reset by tying it to EST is inconvenient as it can change through year. However I too think that timer would be a QoL improvement. It would help to know important timers without needing to know real world time.
  6. Everything from this event isn't a "must have", except Ignis Wraith for those who don't have it) However I too feel strange that in this event you pay much more familial bonds (the rarest ones) than each of other bonds. Yes, rarest materials are usually a bottleneck, but they aren't in most demand. And only items that can be bought repeatedly are weapons (for advances) and decorations (for familials). You can spend huge amount of rarest bonds, but stockpiles of first ones will remain barely untouched. It's like a blueprint requiring equal number of argon and nanospores to craft.
  7. I have a feeling that waypoints are much buggier than when I started. However I think it's related to how I played then and now: for me kuva missions, Orb vallis, uranus, cambion drift, corpus ship have more issues than other tilesets, and I play them much more now than I used to. It also looks like doing things too fast tends to break waypoints (flying away from caves on open world bounties, or going too fast in normal missions). Uranus is my only issue with waypoints being not broken, but simply too difficult to find) I admit that I would like to be spoonfed on huge tiles with labyrinth
  8. All drops in railjack receive the "rare" resource popup instead of normal lines in bottom of screen. It results in impossibility to track which resources were picked up. Popups stay too long on screen, there's place only for 1 of them (instead of 4-5 lines for common resources), and if you pick up the same resource as is on screen now, the popup will prolong for it's duration. They also are a distraction: they have sound and take many space on screen. Avionics use the left "slot" for popups too, additionally crowding it (they can be moved rigth to where mods are). The best solution would
  9. I have a few points that I didn't see in this thread. 1. Many people talk about 6DOF like in real fly sims, but I'd like to add it on archwings (both planetary and space), and also make all three controls togglable. Some find it nauseating when railjack constantly return to "horizontal" position, and others don't like when rotation is completely free and they cannot tell sky from ground. 2. Arhcwing and its weapons are bad in space: flight is slow slow and damage is lower than that of railjack. Enemies are so agile that we cannot even scan them or hit with melee autoaim! I don't know
  10. I think that change was in the "warframe revised" update where they changed self-damage to staggers and also tweaked damage status effect. I clearly remember my surprise when I couldn't fly on PoE and ignis everything because I was constantly being interrupted by environment. However I'd love to have that changed too. If this is impact proc, maybe they could deal damage to us without status...
  11. Why nitain, vauban and potatoes are at the bottom of the list with "default" sorting? They used to be first. Also some text is formatted black at the end of post (on dark theme). Thank you for the update! I had problems logging in (long loading), but my nighwave is working. Redtext just said to log off and on again.
  12. There's still a bug, although not very impressive: go fishing with nikana equipped. Spear will throw with awkward animation. I liked Nova portalling excavators around.
  13. I think you should combine regular frames with their prime variants. At least some regular frames might have low usage because they have prime variants, and players move to primes from regulars; also some primes are (were) easier to acquire than regulars. And combined stats would tell more about frame itself than about it having prime (and how longer the prime was vaulted). When DE showed usage stats for the Scarlet Spear, i thought that too: there were some frames that have similar usage of regular and prime, and if they were combined, they could be twice higher.
  14. Particularly this idea doesn't sound like "in-mission song creation". Song consist of too many too different sounds, so we won't be able to build up an interesting melody before mission finishes. However tying actions to sounds is interesting. There are not enough actions to cover all notes and instuments we might need, but it'll certain brigten the gameplay. However it might be either restricting (to create a melody, one would neet perform only certain actions in certain sequence) or annoying (hearing spam of rapid chaotic actions).
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