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  1. Deadlock protocol and empyrean are many months old and they are not in the orbiter, and the newest song is in the somachord the day it releases(
  2. I'm having this almost every mission, not only defences. Both premade and public squads usually disband after mission end. Sometimes members of premade are kicked even during beginning of the mission.
  3. Still no graph recalculations :( I hope this will be a silent update.
  4. What is the difference between "join+" and current situation? Only that we now can join first rotation of endless, and would be able to join two rotations?
  5. А откуда возьмётся понимание? Либо из чата (в котором якобы "рано сидеть"), либо из гайда (или хотя бы словарика)... Если разгадывать все эти аббревиатуры и эвфемизмы самостоятельно, получится абсолютно иной варфрейм)
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