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  1. No Wargrame tips for you but thank you very much for your service and sacrifice. It's greatly appreciated and I'm glad you and your friends are home safe.
  2. Same here. Last one or two crew ships fail to spawn. Really frustrating after a long mission and then don't get anything because you cannot complete the objective because it's not there. Three times in a row now. 90 minutes wasted.
  3. I'm 41 years old and terrible at video games and also MR27 on PS4. I probably struggled with the same few tests you did but a few practice runs and I knocked them out. My guess is that OP is impatient and just wants things handed to him instead of practicing and working for it.
  4. This. Pretty much all of them have a specific frame that makes them trivial. I do recall one or two that were difficult and took me a few practice runs to work out. You can practice as much as you want in the Relay.
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