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  1. Pretty sure this ISN'T meant to happen. XD
  2. Ok, so I posted something in fan concepts earlier today, and I just checked back to see it's completely gone. No notification, no nothing; there's 0 trace of it. WTH happened to my post?
  3. Wow, she looks AMAZING. I'd totally get that skin, man.
  4. ...ooooooooooooh, ok. Totally just someone's balsa wood project. Totally. XD
  5. I was fishing around Cetus earlier, looking for cetus wisps while I was at it, and came across THIS. ...bug or feature?
  6. Excuse me, it WAT
  7. I wish I could design Warframes as good as I write, apparently. XP
  8. Thanks >w<
  9. Sorry. XD I didn't want anyone to waste their intermission cred, as mentioned above. That would be kinda' mean.
  10. Well THANK you! I've tried writing in the past, and it was kinda' meh. That was my own original stuff, though. maybe fan-fiction would work.
  11. And I DO really like the Vitrica, btw. That part was true.
  12. Yea, it was made up, don't waste your cred. It popped into my head a while ago and I thought I'd post it to see what sort of reaction I'd get. I'm actually rather proud of myself, I've tried this kind of thing in the past and NOBODY believed it.
  13. I'm typing this post to report a glitch(?) of some kind in the game I discovered recently. I had completed the glassmaker missions a while back, and have Nihil's little prison proudly displayed on my orbiter, but only just recently crafted his weapon, the Vitrica. Not long after the game theorist in me wondered "what would happen if I used Nihil's weapon to fight Nihil again? Would he have something funny to say?", so I did just that. I saved up some intermission cred and bought my way back into the Nihil fight with Vitrica in hand. When I got into the arena, though, what I heard genuinely s
  14. Organic? Like her design or her abilities or what?
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