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  1. What's the most annoying thing about companions? Reviving them constantly. It breaks the flow of gameplay and generally makes companions feel rather helpless. I have an idea of how to fix that, and believe it or not it ISN'T buffing them. Instead of the regular bleed-out, have companions warp out of battle when downed to "recover" on your orbiter. While recovering, any mods like vacuum or anti-grav array become disabled, as if the companion is "dead". After a while they would return to you fully healed and ready to fight again. I feel this would not only make ALL companions feel more self-sufficient but it would also keep the flow of gameplay in check, not having to constantly baby monitor your favorite Kavat or MOA. It would also fix the annoying fact that sentinels die PERMANENTLY until you extract, making them feel even MORE useless than normal. Now, how would this affect bleed-out mods and helminth abilities? Easy: keep them and change their functionality. Loyal companion would now reduce recovery time by a certain percent, and Master's Orders (instead of summons) would temporarily buff your companions defense and damage and such, so anyone with Master's Summons infused on a warframe wouldn't have to worry about having it removed or glitched or something. What do you guys think? I feel like my idea would keep gameplay fluid and help make companions generally feel more independent while not making them broken.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: The Nychus MOA head seems to be sunk into the neck bracket, clipping into the model. It's just a visual bug, but it bothers me immensely. It hasn't been fixed for several major updates at this point and I finally remembered to point it out. XD
  3. Glad you think so! Pert of me sincerely doubts DE will ever put my big girl into the game, but maybe if you guys like the idea enough... you never know what might happen! She'll definitely need someone more talented than me to make an official looking render of her to fit the game better.
  4. Ok, so here's Milurva's updated ability list based on your suggestions: Passive: health orbs can always be picked up, giving temporary armor when health is full. (Can stack up to 300% armor) 1st ~ Season: sprinkles a cloud of seasoning around her, causing short blindness and reduced accuracy for enemies caught inside. (Suggested by chirs1pat8twins) 2nd ~ Tenderize: adds an armor and shield stripping buff to her and her allies’ weapons. Enemies affected by her first will take increased melee damage. (Suggested by chirs1pat8twins) 3rd ~ Pre-Heat: adds heat element to nearby allies' weapons and gives ballistic weapons increased punch through. (Second half suggested by chirs1pat8twins) 4th ~ Sizzler: an exalted arch-gun that deep fries enemies, dealing heat and corrosive damage. Enemies inflicted by Season become golden, crispy statues that grant allies with increased health, shield, armor, movement and casting speed. The more enemies get fried close together, the stronger the buffs; perfect for defense missions! How's this sound?
  5. Oh, interesting. Well, two out of several dozen. Maybe a third would be nice?
  6. It really is, come to think of it. Does any frame even HAVE ability strength buffing as of yet?
  7. I like this idea, too. The abilities I thought up were unrefined "spur of the moment" concepts, really. The additional input really makes her more flushed out and balanced.
  8. I like your Ideas a WHOLE lot better then my original ones, except for her fourth. I'd honestly kind of prefer keeping that an exalted weapon because we don't have many of those, and we ESPECIALLY don't have a friggin arch gun as an exalted... to my knowledge.
  9. Oh, and if anyone's wondering: yes, pre-heat ADDS heat damage to allied weapons, meaning if you have toxin or cold it'll turn it into gas or blast temporarily. If you already have a combo, you'll just get free heat on top of it. Think Lavos' gimmick but it applies to everyone's weapons at once. XD
  10. That kind of would be great. XD With her Sizzler arch gun, I imagined enemies killed by it wouldn't ragdoll, but instead be frozen in place with a golden brown "fried" texture applies to them, and walking near enemies gives the aforementioned buffs. Or maybe they could even disappear into dust like with the dead bodies you get credits from on Earth missions sometimes. Grineer fritters, anyone? XD
  11. Thank you! I figured we have a frame that loves to eat, why not make a frame who loves to cook? XD
  12. The gourmand. The mistress of fine cuisine. Once thought to be only myth, the Savoir of Cetus rises to put smiles on her allies' faces, and her enemies on the menu. Her special blend of herbs and spices open enemies to attack, striping armor and lowering all defense. Tenderizer increases melee critical damage for a short time, making even shorter work of her prey. Pre-heat imbues her allies weapons with heat damage, adding it to their weapons for a short time. And finally, the coup de grâce: her exalted arch-gun, the Sizzler, hurls molten hot waves of oil, cooking her foes alive. Any enemies caught in her culinary cataclysm become beacons of nourishment for her fellow Tenno, increasing move speed and melee attack speed. Her buffs can also stack with other frames', including Volt and Grendel. If you can't beat them, Tenno... eat them. So waddaya think? Her abilities are kind of a WIP, so if anyone has input on how to make em better or more unique, please let me know!
  13. Pretty sure this ISN'T meant to happen. XD
  14. Ok, so I posted something in fan concepts earlier today, and I just checked back to see it's completely gone. No notification, no nothing; there's 0 trace of it. WTH happened to my post?
  15. Wow, she looks AMAZING. I'd totally get that skin, man.
  16. ...ooooooooooooh, ok. Totally just someone's balsa wood project. Totally. XD
  17. I was fishing around Cetus earlier, looking for cetus wisps while I was at it, and came across THIS. ...bug or feature?
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