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  1. 10 hours ago, (PSN)Spider_Enigma said:

    DE as of late has lost their way, it wont get worse

    if we cant get them to get off their ass do u think tencent will? my guess is no

    What I wrote it's not really linked to DE itself. It's referred to what it is known about Tencent.

    More precisely (and according to what I can remember off the bat), their ties with some government, and how they seem to speak about "transparency" and "integrity" and then coincidentally you see some "uncomfortable" comments and/or posts/thread suddenly disappear in thin air.

    Like, Tencent also owns Blizzard.net. I haven't forgotten how some players had been suddenly muted on the chat or banned (temporarily at first) from the game because they mentioned some H**g K**g issue at that time. I remember that because even me and a friend of mine sometimes would discuss that, but we used to switch over to Discord, because we didn't even dare to mention H-K on the in-game chat.

    In addition, one who was a pro player at that time even got suspended from tournaments (and the newscasters who got this player to say the "F-H-K" words in the end had been fired too, IIRC). I think at first it was supposed to be a permanent suspension, but following the whole playerbase's rampage, Blizzard in the end turned it into a 1 year suspension instead.

    And all this, to me, looks like the exact opposite of being "transparent" and caring for one's "integrity".

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  2. "Warframe developer to remain creatively independent with ambitious plans for 2021"

    Who's gonna tell the developers that, when talking about Tencent, their being "creatively independent" seems to be the very least of players' worries, considering the reputation revolving around this company in particular..? 🤔

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  3. It happens in all Disruption missions. To me it started with the next-to-last hotfix patch.

    What I also noticed on my end is that it doesn't happen right away: the UI in the first round looks fine. This bug occurrs from the beginning of "Round Two" onwards.

    The only good news is that it never affects the gameplay itself. The text looks that weird, but it's still possible to play through the whole mission for as long as one wants, without problems (except for those bugs that are unrelated to this issue).

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