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  1. *People want to know whether this is intentional or not, and want it fixed. Sadly complaining as a group is often the only way to bring attention to even large issues. Trust me, I wish it wasn't that way either and I wouldn't have to complain, but here we are.
  2. I have Volt Prime, and have sold many sets to other players, which is the reason I wanted the relics - more sets to sell, aka i make my platinum back and even more and also provide newer players or players who don't have the pack with volt sets.
  3. +1, and also many didn't only spend a lot of time, but also Platinum buying Prime Junk aka. ducats.We spend a premium currency to be able to get items that were promised to us, yet we don't get the items we farmed for for weeks/months. Absolutely ridiculous.
  4. Yeah seriously, WTF?? False Advertising much? I spent literally thousands of platinum just buying prime junk for ducats, as it was promised he'd bring "everything he ever had", which of course includes the Baro-exclusive relics Neo O1 and Axi V8.
  5. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Axi_V8 Says "Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive" below the relic image.
  6. The issue is the false advertising; I run relics actively with friends and all of us who bought the ticket bought it only for the relics. If they said he wouldn't bring the relics, fine, but they straight up lied to us. Besides, false advertising is forbidden.
  7. Seriously, I and many others bought this ticket just for Neo O1/Axi V8. Literally false advertising on the digital pack. he did NOT bring "everything he ever brought"; the (to me) most valuable items - Neo O1 and Axi V8 - are not there, at all.
  8. Count me in - I have completed an arbitration mission.
  9. DE would be able to check and confirm that all of these are seperate accounts, I also know and have talked to everyone except maybe 3 people in this thread via discord. Yes I know that tHeY MiGhT bE mY AcCoUnTs and I can't be bothered to disprove that, but it simply wouldn't be smart to do that as those accounts have their respective ingame account with the same name and many of them have played together in the same squad. Also, you're accusing me or someone in our clan to make 10 different accounts just to create fake activity on a forum post or how do I read that? Way to make yourself look like a decent person, dude. (or girl, or whatever else)
  10. There's no one spamming here, so if some people suddenly do spam, we likely do know who your friends are.
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