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  1. What's the point of that? flexing your fashion? trying to start a pointless argument about looking up post histories? no one cares what you buy with your platinum dude, you pay for whatever you find worth paying for, no one mentioned your helmet here.
  2. That's pretty much the point of collector items, yes. Surely people don't buy Corpus Void Keys for ~1k platinum to sell them for 3500 credits.
  3. I'm not bluffing anyone here, I'm telling the truth. Also, the point still stands, their only value is collector value, their buffs are literally never worth giving up an arcane slot, so unlike with mods like Primed Chamber that are actually good in some situations, they really are just collector items - like corpus void keys, vay hek triangulators, (ancient) fusion cores etc., which are pretty much as useless as today's arcane helmets. Honestly, if anything the arcane helmets are a debuff, so they're even less useful than the other collector items..
  4. it's almost as if that's the point of collector items?? Corpus Void Keys haven't been available since 2013 yet i don't see you moan about these either, Arcane helmets offer next to no benefit over, say, an actual arcane, which is why almost no one uses even the best ones - they simply suck too much, leaving them with just the collector value. And that isn't all that high either, most arcane helmets barely even reach the 3 digits.
  5. No one is keeping Arcane helmets out of the game, there's still plenty of supply out there for anyone who truly wants them, unlike with pre-Baro Primed Chamber, so this is by no means a fair comparison. All this does is making a rare but obtainable item worthless all of a sudden.
  6. As someone with a full Arcane Helmet collection, i really hope this is just a bug and they're not actually re-releasing all of them. Time will tell i guess
  7. Paying 200p per, or 500p to get them both at once. Further negotiation is possible, but would really prefer to get them at this price. If you are interested in selling, DM me here or (preferably) on Discord: joshi#1111
  8. Awesome community, cool people. Can 100% recommend both for community focused people and for people who just wanna crack their old, expensive relics in peace. 😄
  9. Als leidenschaftlicher Händler der gerne mal ein paar Stunden am Tag im Dojo rumhängt wäre das super, man könnte super nebenher neue Energieplatten, Cipher, Open World Material etc. basteln, aka. alles was ne Minute braucht. Wenn man die Schmiede von der Warframe App fernsteuern kann, die nicht mal auf dem gleichen Gerät ist, warum dann nicht auch vom Dojo, wo man ja auch schon Zugriff auf sämtliches Equipment hat. Find ich persönlich nicht so super wichtig, aber schaden würd's sicher nicht Find ich noch am unwichtigsten hiervon, der Sinn von Loadouts ist ja dass man spezifisch
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