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  1. Still waiting for Primed chilling grasp to be sellable
  2. Hoped this was fixed in this patch today....
  3. Every weekend Baroo isnt in any town, what about adding an event every second weekend. Baroo is a sort of event himself. But to have something to do the other weekends. We sometime have double affinity. Make a sort of rotation. between. Double affinity, double ressource drops, Double endo from mission rewards, double mod drops. And lastly double credit drops. It would be a nice thing, to add to those weekends, so you feel there are something to aim for in the weekends. I guess its a simple action to do, to give some extra fun in the weekends. Its not like we will flow in these items
  4. True might give it a go i dont use stealth aswell.
  5. I havent with the underwater ones but else I have. I just skip those.
  6. Why is there so many spy missions with those compared to others? And they are damn difficult aswell. Today 2 out of 3 are spy yesterday. there were a spy aswell. I always fail those because I can find the way in those under water stupid tileset. I loose reputation almost everyday because of those damn missions. Why arent there more variation in bountys for Hexis.
  7. If you dont fix these then remove them from rotation. It have been a problem as long as I can remember. 90% of the time we dont get enough reactants in those missions. They simply drops to low. The enemy are fast to kill, so they often die before they get turned to drop those. Dont know how to do it. But they need to be changed to maybe only spawn in the fissues, so they can drop reactants when they spawn. The way it is now it just wastes your time. The best option is to remove them from lith rotation. And btw this bug counts all lith interceptions.
  8. The nightwave task 30 min survival dosnt work. It also didnt work last time it was here, we loose 7000 points everytime. The timer dosnt work after extraction is availble. You either need to give us the 7000 points or fix it asap have been like this a while now and no fix for it. John
  9. Sorry was a bit frustraited after been in 3 party after eachother witht he issue apologize. I also later wrote some solution options instead. I shouldnt have said the first. Ill edit it.
  10. I can try that ty. I had some help with another issue from developement, and they asked me to reset game options. Now when i see this i begin thinking it can be a part of it, havent been looking at this after reset. ty
  11. yes I am. First of all i have 300/300 fiber internet wich is great and very fast. And when in a party, the player often say sorry because they know its them making it lag. Sometimes they leave and the game runs smooth, thats why I know it isnt me also.
  12. Im so tired of ending up in partys with 1 player destroy the game because of internet problems. Doing missions with lag, and sometimes so much that your skills dosnt even work. It destroys the fun of playing, and lately it happens almost every second time you are in party. It makes the hole game experiense really bad. Its ok players with bad internet play the game. But they shouldnt be able to enter any party. Think you should require a minimum of 10 mb connection to play or even 20 mb. And players should send some confirmation before being able to join party. I really enjoy the game but
  13. After todays patch, the game runs really bad, small freezes all the time (feels like small lag spikes) Its almost unplayable atm. I have never had any performance issues with the game until today. I think you need to roll the patch back until you can deliver a decent patch. This one have just crushed the game performance big time.
  14. The todays quest a level 5-10 disruption on Venus dosnt work. I have tryed 3 times now i enter and there are a small group of enemys when they are dead there are no more enemys. I have scouting the whole map and collected all medallion wich i dont keep when leaving. The first group didnt spawn any key so havent even got it startet.
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