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  1. rewatched it i was wrong that there is more than 1 to pick from,but i still think they need to make changes. some frames will be a pain to get again good examples is ivara, khora.
  2. It not fully a once of deal like you think. Meta's chance a ability that is strong now might not be later. to add to that that is why im worried about it chances to the rooster of pickable abilities or frame reworks or nerf to them what happens to the ability you picked?, because it might mean you will need to sacrifice a new frame to get the best of the 2/3 abilities. with all the potensial combo that can exist now a few might be to strong for DE and its totally possible they missed it even if none is broken now with each new frame that comes out it might break something. I can also start to see some potential toxic behavior from this. people wanting frame X with ability Y if you don't have them they won't invite. and it not that you didn't sacrificed the frame for Y but that you picked one of the other from that frame.
  3. Im kinda worried of the crystalys system. the game wasnt balanced around needed to farm multiple frames. The Total rep needed to buy the all the quest warframes is about 950k even at half the price. that is 31 day of capping your rep at rank 29 to get. DE will need to buff drops on warframe part like ivara, octavia. There is also a few other problems with it. What happens if a ability makes a broken combo? What do they do if that decided later that power should not be useable what happens if DE nerf a ability only in crystalist system and now its worse than other abilities i could pick, what happens if a frame is reworked? Just getting a random or the new one isnt always the correct choice because maybe you would rather have the other one but the unnerve or the old one was the better of the 2/3but nowyour old 2nd best is the best. Edit I was wrong i thought there was more than 1 ability to pick from but i still do think that some frames need buffs in drop chance like ivara some of the harrow part's and octavia.
  4. i can already see how toxic this is going to be. recruit. Looking for frame x with ability Y especially on stuff like eidolon hunting if it change the meta.
  5. half isn't enough it just mean you need 925k rep instead of 1850 rep for a mr 29 player that still takes 31 day's if they get all the rep each day. They will also need to increase the drop rate on rare frames like ivara, harrow and khora part some of those part can take days to farm if your unlucky. im going to repeat myself "The fact of the matter is DE didnt balance the game around the fact that people might want to farm multiples of the same frame and will need to compensate for it now by increasing drop rates and decreasing rep to buy the old frames quest frame parts." im going to assume a lot of players also didn't keep their extra bp's and sold them for credits.
  6. The fact that it break a warframe isn't a big problem it in itself. The problem is frames like khora takes a very long time to farm just 1 if your unlucky. That further makes it bad is frames like inaros(quest reward frames) that need around 100k or 250k Simaris rep to built. Im in the privilege position where i didn't sell my old warframes but i can already imagine the pain it will be just to refarm stuff like khora and protea grendel. there is also 11 quest only frames so that is 1100k rep you need to spent on BP's even for me that is around 37 days to get enough rep if i cap myself each day just for the bp's. I didn't sell my normal frames when a prime came out and i didnt sell a frame i didn't like. I don't know the number but i can already see this being a absolute slog of a farm for a lot of players. The fact of the matter is DE didnt balance the game around the fact that people might want to farm multiples of the same frame and will need to compensate for it now by increasing drop rates and decreasing rep to buy the old frames quest frame parts. also no khora bp its a c rot drop and you will likely get multiple of the rot a/b part before getting it.
  7. i cant go into the game anymore after the update it crash just after i put the password into the bar. I also don't get a popup to report the crash.
  8. Your still doing it with the foreknowledge of how the game work. Everyone can go back and forth about this giving reasons for why its hard for new players. Only way for us to truly know is if DE or someone test it. best way is with people that knows little to nothing about games like warframe(with no backseat driver telling thm what to do). and people with some knowledge how games like this work. Most new player that struggle at the boss in my opinion will just drop the game and not leave a complaint and move onto the next game since WF is a F2P game( i dont have statistic to back up this opinion). But i do think the mere fact that people think its to hard for the place on the starchart does indicate its slightly to hard especially if 2 planets away there is a boss like the sargent(i think mars is 2 planets later i can't remember). DE can easily swap them and no one will complain or a lot less will.
  9. knowing what you can do and its name is two different things. like i said i haven't played the tutorial if they edited it. but in the old one they didn't say use your parazon to hack, stealth kill it you just learned you can and how you do it. Even the finishers rarely happens i used a unmodded melee weapon on venus a few week back for the NW for the kill someone with a mercy. it never popped up for me after 3 missions so you don't use it that much outside of lich missions. stealth finisher also rarely happen and it only pop when i want it to. So i dont think new players that didnt try to be sneaky would have seen it or used it a lot. Im going to go with DE didnt change the tutorials dialog from something like. hack the console to use your parazon to have the console.
  10. The fight have a fe problems. The 1st is (i cant remember the planet order) fight vor followed by the jackal thenn vay hek then you start fighting bad bosses like the lieutenant. Krill that have nothing telling you how to fight him and Rukk alad v(that also does not have info in the fight how to beat him(he is very easy after figuring out what to do). DE need to shuffle their bosses or planet order. 2nd big mistake is us your parazon. i have no idea but i feel like new player will think. What is a parazon. or what is the red mark above its head. some might be able to put 1+1 together and kill it but not all of them will be able to. before this fight there is no environmental damage outside the ne corpus ships and that is only while your standing on spots were the transportation beams go. Even after ths fight there is very little and most of them is in sorties. Talking about environmental effect radiation need a rework. Even experience players completely forgets about it and kill defence targets or the party. Im not saying the effect need a rework but it need more than a small icon in the right corner. best might be a green/red screen while under its effect. Very few players constantly look at their buff/debuff in the game.The radiation bubbles i cant even see them if im not the host so its easy not to notice if i walked into one or dodge them. I Haven't played with a new player in a while but i remember how slow they were, you would be at the extract and they are still some were in the middle or beginning of a mission walking to the extract. I know not everyone have played path of exile. But there as very interesting stats. Area's were people died. the area were most people died at was the 2nd boss in the game a boss most experience player find easy. you just need cold resistance, know how to dodge it or a good gem setup then the fight is easy. but it didn't make the death's any less a few million (12,017,243)death happened there in 3 months next close area was only in the 9 mil. 9 of the top 10 top death area's was in the complain(all very easy places). the maps and end game bosses is way harder. and the map most player died on was a t1 map that's every easy. t1 means its the lowest level enemies can be on a map.
  11. for those that say skip doing nw's you don't want to do. do you even know what happens if you skip them and leave some for when you feel like doing them then take a break for a few weeks then play for a few weeks skipping ones you don't want to do. Then you decide to do your backlog. you dont even need to skip playing a week even if you leave some for later when you feel like plying them the one you dont want to do will sooner or later lock them out you cant get to the older before doing the ones you dont want to do.
  12. my thought on NW dailies the ones i didn't like. AILY Deep Impact: Suspend 5 or more enemies in the air at once with a Heavy Slam Melee Attack?great now i need to do a super high level mission or unequip mods Friendly Fire: While piloting a hijacked Crewship, destroy 3 enemy Fighters . i dont want to play RJ also i dont know how its after the buff but their guns were bad Child at Heart: Play a game of Frame Fighter, Happy Zephyr, or Wyrmius. how do you go play this mades again?. Hush: Kill a Kuva Thrall. pls no more liches i killed to many way to many I want to be done with them until they get new weapons Reclaimed: Clear a personal Kuva Lich Influenced Node. same as above WEEKLY Explorer: Complete 3 Railjack Missions. dont want to play RJ make it 1 at least Forward Thinking: Destroy a crewship with Forward Artillery. So not only do i need to play RJ low ranks in intrinsic's players can't do it sound more like a elite weekly to me. Flawless: Clear a Railjack Boarding Party without your Warframe taking damage.really more RJ Confiscated: Hijack a Crewship from the enemy. and even more RJ Heavy Ordnance: Kill 500 enemies with an Arch Gun. 500 500. at least i can do it while on the ground(hopefully) ELITE WEEKLY Choose Wisely: Kill or Convert a Kuva Lich. so a 2-5 hour activity for 7000 points way to much effort? Elite Explorer: Complete 8 Railjack Missions. no more rj please Speedster: Finish a Capture mission in less than 90 seconds. This sound next to impossible for new players without mods. were is the weekly kill a thumper? or do a spy mission in operator mode?
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