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  1. When are we getting it pls dont tell me its in a few months because i think i'll hit rank 60 this week if i do all my the backlog weeklies, im currently rank 58.I have nothing left to do after its maxed. If killed 58 liches and i have played enough RJ and will wait until we get more mission types. Im fine with waiting 2-3 week, since everyone did not do most dailies and weeklies. its been a while we had a update on NW's. If kept playing them because I want to buy everything on the NW market so when i click hide owned I want to see nothing. If we can not get a new proper NW I want a other intermission or something. The NW is going exactly as i feared when they were announced it. DE couldn't even keep the sortie reward table updated and that is only a drop table not a full small story driven plot with voice lines and new enemies. On a side note the bonus NW credits after maxing need to be more than 15 it is way to little. i think currently there is 76 alt helmets that cost a total of 2660 nw creds to get them all, each nw we get around 850 point if we hit rank 60. we need around 3.1 NW just to get all the helmets. Im not a new player so i dont need all the other stuff like aura's, vauban, Weapon Bp's other weapon skin bp's, nitain,kuva, reactors and a bunch of other stuff i can't think of at the moment the amount we get is just way to little.
  2. now we just need a engine rework since the its rare for the boost to make up for the speed and a shield since im honestly only using them for the passive. Would also be nice if the range was smaller on them. Thx for the small Quality of life changes with liches. But i do hope we get abort a lich function fast. and more thrall spawning especially if you solo since if had mission were only 1 spawn unless if i want to sit there for 10 more min just to get 7 even with me killing everything i see. Linking their spawn to normal spawn doesn't work so good.
  3. The railjack layout went with form over functionality. and it doesn't even look cool. spaceships is normally very compact. But lets ignore that for now. The biggest offence i have with the the layout is that it not meant for tenno but dax soldiers and were using it. Where is the drop pod locations for them? crew counters? beds?toilets? straps for atmosfeer reentry? how does Dax troops even use the slingshot? are they suicide goblins? is it a gun ship, boarder ship or a troop transport fighter ship because how it currently is i dont know because it isnt good at anything its a jack of all trades master of none. if its a gunship it needs more guns. a transport ship? for its space it doesnt have enough places to sit troops. border? were is the launch pads or place for crew? gunship? gun placement is bad nothing at rear or below or above it to fight off fighters. the grineer crew ships have a better layout than the raljack at least it know what it is. also why is none of the POE ship there? they clearly look like spaceship or a assumed they were since they have that space jump ability something not even the spaceships have. On a side note why is there fall off damage in space there isn't falloff due to range in space unless if your were fighting in the atmosphere.
  4. Will we ever be able to equip a body and step ephemera at the same time?
  5. Almost a great change on the reactors minus the fact of all those crappy vidar reactors i scrapped weeks ago so i cant even ask support to get it back. and the fact that my top roll zekti reactor might become a low roll one. Now we just need those chances on, engines and shield since you can get ones worse than the dojo ones, guns i'm slightly ok with since so many can drop per mission. Now we just 1)need a display of how many of our weapon and augment slots we used 2)and a way to increase our wreckage slots 3)re balance on gear( AW guns and AW themself, and the RJ guns and ability to take damage) 4)rebalance intrinsics(gain and what they do). Maybe get 1 or 2 when you complete a objective? 5)a more linear power to drain rebalance on avionics 6)enemy fighter rebalance 7)re balance the cost to build stuff in RJ, I know if you go mining after each mission you will get enough but were playing Warframe/RJ not mining simulator. 8)rare cache spawn rate 9)abort farming for ephemera and weapon bp's 10)low drop chance on repair drone 0.25% you can play a 1000 missions and then you still might not get it. 11) a reason to use mk2 and 1 stuff or just make them super cheap to build because there is no reason to make them at the moment. 12)rebalance boost on engines since speed is almost always better since it also make the boost better 13)what ever i forgot since im sure i forgot something
  6. ignoring how grindy it is. The current lich missions isn't fun to play the majority of the missions i have to solo. The mission system might have been fine in the 1st few week when everyone was killing liches but now its mostly empty
  7. You bought slots for the repaired stuff not the wreckage/bp's that is capped at 30. i think you can normally only have 6 items that is built but i might be wrong about the amount.
  8. doubling drops instead of just halving the cost of Asterite basicly invalidates all the Asterite we picked up at least double everything we own.
  9. Can the sigma mk3 engines be fixed they give 0 km per hour buff instead of the 30 km speed buff in the description it only give the extra boost speed of +0.2
  10. The exo enemies is so overturned their level makes no sense i can understand that some variant's is stronger than other but the level should give a power power range to expect of them it feel like im killing level 200+(HP) star chart grineer maybe even higher that hit as hard as level 150+. Just make them level 150+ and reduce their armor and damage.
  11. They can do it in a a few ways all have its ups and downs. 1)dismiss 1 day day. 2)dismiss 1 a week 3) need to farm a item to get rid of it. 4)use credits or some other resource most likely kuva. 5) explained below Im pretty sure DE won't use 1 and will most likely use 2. i prefer option 4. But if someone at DE is reading it please make it option 5 and not 1 or 2. making it a daily or weekly thing does not motivate playing the game. I for 1 will just make a lich not get i want dismiss it and try it again next week/day. What i think is best is maybe making you able dismiss 1 lich for every one you converted or killed. It has its own problems but at least you would need to kill liches to cycle away unwanted ones. The best upside is if you hit back to back liches you want you will be able to dismiss back to back liches you don't want. This can be combined with 3 making the lich give you the item once you beat it so you know how many you can dismiss. instead of diluting some other drop table in some other mode that has nothing to do with liches.
  12. After farming the mission for hours im finally at a point were i give up. I accaly went back to farm lich ephemera and that was after killing 31 with none. My main problem is i'm unsure about the future. 1)I spent hours/days just for us to get new war and the ephemera starts becoming common and i wasted a lot of my time. 2)it becomes tradable since for some reason since it how DE been fixing some of their bad RNG decisions lately. (lich weapons/ephemera, and them planning in making Avionics tradeable) 3)you can only get it on that one alert node and in 6 months no one will play it so ill need to solo farm it. 4)DE significantly increase spawn rate later also indirectly means i waised to much time on RNG on RNG, you can even get captura scenes and umbra forma instead of the ephemera.
  13. You only need 5 eidolon lenses and few greater but 10 eidolon lenses is ideal. took me 2 runs a day in ESO in a party to max my daily cap. How i did it. 1)put eidolon lens on the melee 2)unequip all other weapons 3)Put on naromon for the extra 45%bonus exp on melee weapons. unsure if it was a bug but even if you didnt kill something with it you got more affinity on melee 4) put a eidolon lens on 5 different melee one for each school. 5)put a greater lens on each frames. VOLt trin, equinox, rhino, saryn. On saryn and volt i recommend a eidolon lens. the reason you do it like this is because of how affinity works. Kills by allies is split 25% to frame 75% split between all your weapons since you only have 1 weapon everything go to the melee. kills by frame go 100% to the frame and kills from your own weapons is 50% frame 50% to weapon that made the kill. additionally you can use the lunar lens to get more. i got somewhere between 100-230 per run depending on the week. I cant remember but i think orb valis also have lenses as rewards
  14. the sigma engine mk3 does not give a speed buff only a boost buff, unsure if it's just a ui bug
  15. I dont care about the weapon 100p?
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