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  1. Pls make ephemera tradeable. If done the orb fight 103 times and im still missing one got 4 of the shock one. at this point their not reward's but a cruel penalty game.
  2. The 3 Biggest problem with exploiter orb isnt fixed 1)the the fight is to long if have done over 100 tril runs and it more fun that exploiter. but i have to admin it was fun the 1st 5 times. It would be kinda nice if when she cool herself down it less that it currently is it might speed the fight up to a torrentable time. 2) the termia canisters doesnt always do a thing this happens way more when your not the host. you throw it no defrost on vent or heat built op on orb. 3)im unsure of other player but the door's every time i use them to go fight the orb (in and out) i get insane frame drops and DC 1/10 games
  3. If you want to make that you need to destroy 1 vent at a time at least fix the hitbox(make them bigger) or thermia one of them isnt working sometimes. i hit a vent nothing no defrost.
  4. The mr from K-drives is still broken. The new one gave me 200 per rank. the old ones gave me 100 and sometimes 200 (i got 200 when it ranked up from bonus exp) I did not get the extra when i swapped to them i just had them changed to mastered in my profile. The game need to run a script that recalculate player MR thx to them.
  5. My guess is the spawn rate of the wolf is linked to syndicate rank. Since everyone is low rank he isn't spawning that offen.
  6. A potential problem is. Is it worth doing? lets say item x cost Y and it takes 5-6 hours to get but i can farm the plat in 1 hour then what is the point? or in case of forma farm void fissures and be potentially lucky and get a expensive part.
  7. I know but my point was i dont think enough people is complaining about it so they dont know. Or they just don't care enough to put someone on it. It takes them ages or even years to fix some minor bugs. it took them 4 years to make it possible to complete the affinity quest in a mission, some were incompletable or at least for me if i weren't the host. And in all honestly i dont think they fixed it. I think that bug was unintendedly fixed by fixing or changing something else, it was the same update that broke the syndicate missions(i think).
  8. Will we get shield gating? Shield 2.0
  9. I think DE think this isnt important enough to fix, clearly not enough players is complaining for them to put it on their priority list. More people is complaining about eidolon and that isnt fixed and its been broken since chimera quest. and it took them 10 weeks to fix a bug on heist 1 that broke the mission.
  10. Could we atleast have gotten a bad generic weapon so i atleast feel like im doing something.
  11. Hi when will we get. -Zenuka/hyena pets. -other 2 orb fight's -return of night watch. Might be cool having them in a special alert that happens once or twice a day. -Ember rework. -More fokus or something to do with with it after getting everything.
  12. Here is my take on it. PVP need good balance it doesnt need to be perfect but good enough. Now here is the question how will DE do that if they cant even balance their PVE content?
  13. Im not sure but i think heist bounty 1 reward table is broken it only give up to the uncommon rewards.
  14. That not a new bug i needed fish from POE so i went there. The fish there still swim under rocks.
  15. Im not if it me being unlucky but the 1st heist mission drop table seems bugged. I completed it about 37 times. And i got 0 of the rare drops. To make matter worse it bugged. The datamass dont always drop. And for some reason catching fish dont progress the timer always most i had to catch was 12 before i got the required 3 fpr the objective. My guess if the table is bugged then it might have something to do with it being a max tier mission but your only have 3 objectives in it so you only "qualifying for the uncommon drops max.
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