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  1. I saved a bit of my sanity and waited until i got a resource booster from my logins to cap them. only need 3 of each instead of 5 with the added bonus you have 1 extra for the emblem.
  2. Im unsure to how many people this apply to but i think if you watched tenno con but watched it though a someone else stream it didn't count even if it was a warframe partner.
  3. There is still a bunch of stuff missing in the game and im pretty sure they forgot about some here is a shortlist. -2 syndicates still need warframe quests -The 3de and last orb mother -More stuff to do on orb vallis since its a nice place with almost nothing to do there -melee 3.0 -missions outside ghaol event that uses the caves on POE or the random mission that spawn container there. -a better way to get aura forma than arbitrations. -host migration fixes and now they are adding railjack sure it looks good but i would like it if they could finnish something mainly orb valis i would atleast want the last orb before something completely new before its forgotten
  4. The 3 forma weekly is bad for new player because you can only built 7 a week at max and you need forma for other stuff like building weapons and stuff like adapters and lenses. and for vets it bad because they formed almost everything and/or have to not forma stuff just to save it for this weekly. The guild a modular item is bad because for new players you need to be rank 3 to even guilt something and their limited to 2000-11000 rep a day that is if they even have time to rank up a syndicate. then they need to get and craft materials and to do that they need star chart materials. And then lets not forget the infinite amount of credits new players need to do all this. They need to be aware index is there and have it unlocked. then build a bad kitgun/zaw, for new players this can also be bad because they are using their hardeners rep/materials on a bad version and would need to rebuild it anyway later. So not only is it wasting their resources it also waste their time and slowing down their progression. As for vets well they already ranked and gilded it or need to not guild something they want to because their saving it for this weekly
  5. When are we getting the last orb mother and frame quests for the last 2 syndicates?
  6. DE Didnt make new kuria. When they were 1st implemented each tile set that was in the game at the time got a few, This includes the old gass city. When they moved the Kuria from the old gas city to the new gas city, in the proses some of them broke.
  7. DE im fine with you giving away event weapon later. But cosmetic no. Atleast make me feel that i have something to show that i did the event/nw?. What's next? NW 2.5 we get wolf armor set at rank 5. But if you really want to do this atleast give alternative rewards to players that already own the stuff.
  8. Since update my frame rates is a lot worse about 30 FPS worse on average. Putting all option on low barely work.
  9. What happened after this update my average FPS dropped from 45-60 to 7-25 on all missions.
  10. can we pls change the 3 forma challenge to 1 or remove it. You are hard capped to building 7 a week and there is a lot of weapon that need them(you almost need 80). There is also stuff like eximus adapters, focus lenses that need them and aura forma. There is also the fact that some players already used forma everything they want.
  11. I understand that it feels that the updates is always in the night on the plains. But about 40% of the time it is night on plains.
  12. Mostly good changes problems might be this 2 ‘10 perfect Conservations’ reduced to ‘6 different perfect Conservations’. ‘10 Bounties’ reduced to ‘5 different Bounties’. The problem was how long they took. The conservation can also be problematic for newplaye if they don't enough lure types if i understand what was ment. Guilt a modular item and forma 3 items is also problematic both slow down game progress when forced on new player. 1 leveling up the syndicate and other building needed weapon. Playing Catch-Up: Stored, Missed Acts! When both Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts are completed for a week, a ‘missed’ Act, 3 at a time, from a previous week will be available to play and complete. Once you have completed all ‘missed’ Acts, they will no longer appear, only to be refreshed in the next week’s rotation. it point pointless while stuff like this exist that hard block some players "Kill Profit Taker with Friends" Act is now just "Kill Profit Taker" Guilt a modular item, you need to be rank 3 in a syndicate to guilt something the other 4 if listed above it can also make it hard to unlock older weeks if your new
  13. The 3 forma weekly need to be changed to 1 or removed. You almost need 80 forma to built all weapon then you need forma to forma stuff and then you need them to built stuff like exilus adapters, greater lenses, aura forma. and i'm sure im missing a few stuff. The game is very forma hungry. And isn't very friendly to newer players that still need to built weapon and get their gear sorted out. They are also time gated limiting you to building 7 a week making it feel like you need to spend money. THe guild a modular weapon also need to be removed or changed to built or guild a modular weapon. You need to be rank 3 in a syndicate to even guild something you need standing to buy the part's and then resources that normally drop on that openworld and other normal resources to craft them. For never players this i a multi day project since the daily rep is limited and it can hamper their progress into the syndicate.
  14. The reward pool is ok there is only 2 problems with it. 1)3 Orokin Cells you can farm more than 3 in the time to get 1 rank. 2)Gamma Color Picker and Rift Sigil. What will happen if someone already have them? there is also 2 weekly that problematic forma 3 weapon and guilt a weapon.3 profit taker is also a problem but ill overlook it since it labeled elite. New player want to use forma to built new weapon so you're forcing them to pick between upgrade gear or make new gear and old player that formed everything they need to find more things to forma. There is also players that built forma on a need only bases so it wil take 3 days for them to complete it min. A similar problem plague the guild a weapon weekly. new players might not be high enough rank to do it or do not have the resources to make one or have been slowly saving up for a better one or want to 1st max their standing before making a weapon. While older player already have a optimized one and is just wasting time to make more after already owning the best amps/zaw and kitguns
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