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  1. the new vault was thought out terrible. How im i suppose to find a pub to farm what i want? person 1 want something from the 1st new bounty, person 2 from the 2 new bounty and person 3 just want to play the 3de new bounty because they dont understand each one has different loot tables or they change after you completed a bounty. just let us pick which one we want to do from mother in deimos. they were made needlessly complex . in the end the 1st person to pick the bounty get what they want since everyone normally just click accept without knowing what was picked and then they
  2. I know but you don't always want to farm a rare part besides there is multiple rares by this point that share their 1st letter. Beside i did say only make 1 weapon/frame relic only for stuff that gets unvaulted not new stuff. it should make it easy to unvault stuff no need to think about combinations every time a unvaulting is made and it make it slightly easier for squad to form.
  3. the current unvaulting system is just making more and more relic clutter i don't want more X with Y frame unvaultings followed buy new relics for X and A and then even more relics for A and Y in the future . please just make relic that only drop frame X and and a relic that drop weapon P this way if you ever want to put it in a unvaulting again there is no need to make more relics. so every time we get frost for example we get a frost relic and not a relic that drop 2 different frame part and 2 different weapon parts. how we're currently getting more and more relics its also making it har
  4. Do primary kitguns give mastery rank now? i have 2 of each kitgun in my weapon menu and all 4 is unranked when i look at uncompleted stuff? i also ranked 1 or 2 of them up and it didnt "complete" it
  5. So we can have invested cat's bow? i was under the impression they cant get invested since they literally live in the derelict.
  6. the pictures is OK but can we please get a youtube clip showing how it will look ingame.
  7. I dont think its wrong to decrease the MR requirement to 8. Here is why. At mr 8 players will most likely start getting multiple prime frames. Most low mr players are not good at making plat and is essensine limited to their frame slots to get new frames they need to sell frames to be able to buy more. making mr 15 will in essence increase the feel bad moment for those players.Imagen the following happens 1)You dont know about the system sell your frame and thenon mr 15 you become aware you could have done it now your angry since you need to farm the frame again or you sold your extr
  8. rewatched it i was wrong that there is more than 1 to pick from,but i still think they need to make changes. some frames will be a pain to get again good examples is ivara, khora.
  9. It not fully a once of deal like you think. Meta's chance a ability that is strong now might not be later. to add to that that is why im worried about it chances to the rooster of pickable abilities or frame reworks or nerf to them what happens to the ability you picked?, because it might mean you will need to sacrifice a new frame to get the best of the 2/3 abilities. with all the potensial combo that can exist now a few might be to strong for DE and its totally possible they missed it even if none is broken now with each new frame that comes out it might break something. I can also
  10. Im kinda worried of the crystalys system. the game wasnt balanced around needed to farm multiple frames. The Total rep needed to buy the all the quest warframes is about 950k even at half the price. that is 31 day of capping your rep at rank 29 to get. DE will need to buff drops on warframe part like ivara, octavia. There is also a few other problems with it. What happens if a ability makes a broken combo? What do they do if that decided later that power should not be useable what happens if DE nerf a ability only in crystalist system and now its worse than other abilities i could pick, w
  11. i can already see how toxic this is going to be. recruit. Looking for frame x with ability Y especially on stuff like eidolon hunting if it change the meta.
  12. half isn't enough it just mean you need 925k rep instead of 1850 rep for a mr 29 player that still takes 31 day's if they get all the rep each day. They will also need to increase the drop rate on rare frames like ivara, harrow and khora part some of those part can take days to farm if your unlucky. im going to repeat myself "The fact of the matter is DE didnt balance the game around the fact that people might want to farm multiples of the same frame and will need to compensate for it now by increasing drop rates and decreasing rep to buy the old frames quest frame parts." im going t
  13. The fact that it break a warframe isn't a big problem it in itself. The problem is frames like khora takes a very long time to farm just 1 if your unlucky. That further makes it bad is frames like inaros(quest reward frames) that need around 100k or 250k Simaris rep to built. Im in the privilege position where i didn't sell my old warframes but i can already imagine the pain it will be just to refarm stuff like khora and protea grendel. there is also 11 quest only frames so that is 1100k rep you need to spent on BP's even for me that is around 37 days to get enough rep if i cap myself each day
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