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  1. I get the impression that arbitrations wasnt planned out clearly when it was 1st implemented. It felt lazy just double all timer,and a few other stuff. Hardest code most likely the cosmetic and mods. It feels like a quick fix for content while DE was focusing on Fortuna to keep the players happy because by then we had months of almost nothing. And now were stuck with the mess and DE trying to fix it. This is already the 3de version of the loot tables and the mode numerus changed including visual since no-one tested the drones visual because some players couldn't see them and i think it had to be changed 2 times. Players already hated the some of the mod in the loot table as well as the ephemera since they are bad drop after getting the 1st. What does DE do add more to the drop table that players hated that played it for its loot(endo).I get it you want us to play the mode for the rewards. keep the mod in table if need be but remove the arcanes and put them in the shop farming 10 of each will take way to long especially since not all of them drop on c and they are split between rotations the ones on c will by far be the cheapest ones after a few months.
  2. If 480p is a requirement i wont get it and its unreasonable. Some peoples connection cant handle it. like mine
  3. Im unsure to how many people this apply to but i think if you watched tenno con but watched it though a someone else stream it didn't count even if it was a warframe partner.
  4. When are we getting the last orb mother and frame quests for the last 2 syndicates?
  5. DE Didnt make new kuria. When they were 1st implemented each tile set that was in the game at the time got a few, This includes the old gass city. When they moved the Kuria from the old gas city to the new gas city, in the proses some of them broke.
  6. DE im fine with you giving away event weapon later. But cosmetic no. Atleast make me feel that i have something to show that i did the event/nw?. What's next? NW 2.5 we get wolf armor set at rank 5. But if you really want to do this atleast give alternative rewards to players that already own the stuff.
  7. Since update my frame rates is a lot worse about 30 FPS worse on average. Putting all option on low barely work.
  8. What happened after this update my average FPS dropped from 45-60 to 7-25 on all missions.
  9. can we pls change the 3 forma challenge to 1 or remove it. You are hard capped to building 7 a week and there is a lot of weapon that need them(you almost need 80). There is also stuff like eximus adapters, focus lenses that need them and aura forma. There is also the fact that some players already used forma everything they want.
  10. I understand that it feels that the updates is always in the night on the plains. But about 40% of the time it is night on plains.
  11. Mostly good changes problems might be this 2 ‘10 perfect Conservations’ reduced to ‘6 different perfect Conservations’. ‘10 Bounties’ reduced to ‘5 different Bounties’. The problem was how long they took. The conservation can also be problematic for newplaye if they don't enough lure types if i understand what was ment. Guilt a modular item and forma 3 items is also problematic both slow down game progress when forced on new player. 1 leveling up the syndicate and other building needed weapon. Playing Catch-Up: Stored, Missed Acts! When both Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts are completed for a week, a ‘missed’ Act, 3 at a time, from a previous week will be available to play and complete. Once you have completed all ‘missed’ Acts, they will no longer appear, only to be refreshed in the next week’s rotation. it point pointless while stuff like this exist that hard block some players "Kill Profit Taker with Friends" Act is now just "Kill Profit Taker" Guilt a modular item, you need to be rank 3 in a syndicate to guilt something the other 4 if listed above it can also make it hard to unlock older weeks if your new
  12. The 3 forma weekly need to be changed to 1 or removed. You almost need 80 forma to built all weapon then you need forma to forma stuff and then you need them to built stuff like exilus adapters, greater lenses, aura forma. and i'm sure im missing a few stuff. The game is very forma hungry. And isn't very friendly to newer players that still need to built weapon and get their gear sorted out. They are also time gated limiting you to building 7 a week making it feel like you need to spend money. THe guild a modular weapon also need to be removed or changed to built or guild a modular weapon. You need to be rank 3 in a syndicate to even guild something you need standing to buy the part's and then resources that normally drop on that openworld and other normal resources to craft them. For never players this i a multi day project since the daily rep is limited and it can hamper their progress into the syndicate.
  13. The reward pool is ok there is only 2 problems with it. 1)3 Orokin Cells you can farm more than 3 in the time to get 1 rank. 2)Gamma Color Picker and Rift Sigil. What will happen if someone already have them? there is also 2 weekly that problematic forma 3 weapon and guilt a weapon.3 profit taker is also a problem but ill overlook it since it labeled elite. New player want to use forma to built new weapon so you're forcing them to pick between upgrade gear or make new gear and old player that formed everything they need to find more things to forma. There is also players that built forma on a need only bases so it wil take 3 days for them to complete it min. A similar problem plague the guild a weapon weekly. new players might not be high enough rank to do it or do not have the resources to make one or have been slowly saving up for a better one or want to 1st max their standing before making a weapon. While older player already have a optimized one and is just wasting time to make more after already owning the best amps/zaw and kitguns
  14. I had regrettably learned that odd can be very cruel. Took me almost 180 runs to get both ephemera from exploiter orb. It as on the old 6% drop chance ant itonly dropped 4 during all those runs. For every person that get it under the average amount someone need to get it above the average amount of runs to get it to the avage that in this case is 1%
  15. The arbritrasions drop table is still bad 5% drop for a item you ever only need 1 and any more is absolute garbage(ephemera) and 4.5% for one that some players would want to get for each warframe isn't a good drop table(aura forma). If you were wondering how many warframes is in the game i believe it 41 not including primes.
  16. If it wasnt meant to be permanent they could give us back alerts in the down time so players can get the stuff that they will need. Like nitain.
  17. Can we please get alert back while we don't have nightwaves. Why is aura forma drop chance 4.5% you need 40+. While the drop chance of the seeding step is 5% and you only need 1 while getting extra is a insult since you can only sell it for 20k credits.
  18. Can we please get alerts back while there isnt a nightwave?
  19. Can we get alert back while there is no nightwave?
  20. A few questions? 1)Can ephemera be tradable 2)aura forma increase drop rate or buyable in market 3)raid's when? 4)kinping when? 5)a use for extra fokus 6)new kitguns and zaw's and primary custom guns 7)future plan's for umbra forma. 8)can we get a time table for event like plague star and acolyte for example every 6 months. 9)Can we get Alert back even if they only give credit it made the world feel more alive 10)robotic pets like zanuka/hyena and maybe a bird 11)operator capes and melee and i know it point less but operator shield. can equip more arcanes on them? 12)Next frame after wisp? 13)Pls mark vaulted relics 14)3de Orb mother when 15) can we see the new raid map of what planned. 16)can we get a frame that as big as the wolf? it will be cool to look down on enemies. 17)fixes to mr after the k-drives gave more than intended and less than intended to some players. 18)there is 2 syndicates that still don't have quest for warframes when will we get them. 19)rest of melee 2.99999 /3 20)Can we get a room in orbitor to see our landing craft and our own railjack? 21)rework on landing craft abilities some need a rebalance 22)Dark sector rework? 23)the top floor of relay when will it get the door be unlocked. 24)NPC in dojo? 25)rework of syndicate daily mission? 26)rebuilt rest of relays. When? 27)Pls update the road map of upcoming rework new content..
  21. Can we get 1)operator capes 2) More zaw's 3)more kitguns 4)primary custom guns? or are we waiting for 3de open world 5)Robotic dog's/cats pets or at least skins. Zanuka pet or hyena.
  22. Instead of a jupiter rework why not just make the new tiles rework one of jupiter's moons. And i know some of them is nodes just rename them.
  23. Im starting to suspect more and more that DE does not test thing for PUBS and even if they do everyone know each other or know someone that know them so they won't do things that will make the other testers angry. Thus they are not considering troll's. It also feel that All DE test is done under optimal lag/ping so they don't have all those ping related bugs since it feels like they never get fixed and are always there when something new is implemented im looking at the exploiter orb here that thing is riddle with bugs and there still is ping related operator bug that was there since the beginning that hasn't been fixed yet.
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