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  1. never said they cheat, it just looked weird then i found this thread and wanted to ask about it, why is everyone so angry about anyone accusing someone's cheating? just explain them it's not cheat but build. You also picked out stuff out of context, i obviously know transference is 0 cost but two things, i didn't know why would they do that, it looked like a way to exploit something but i know S#&$ so idk, and second thing, how come they can do both, spam transference and 2 on every unit, you couldn't explain that, like the most crucial thing about my question, thank you smfh. thank you, exactly what i was looking for
  2. I just played sanctuary onslaught with mirage prime spawning her 2 on every enemy and every loot, reading this thread it looks normal for everyone but if you play this game for like barely 2 weeks and someone just stands in one places and keep using only transference it seems bit weird? especially when they type while they are doing it, when i asked the person about it they just said they use "2" with "umki" upgrade (polish declension idk english name) from syndicate. They said they can't speak english and polish only, kind of funny especially when i'm also polish. Anyone have an explanation on how one can just keep spamming transference and 2 at same time to kill everyone at the map?
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