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  1. Goddamn this quest feels like a dead space game and it's amazing. Props to DE making a scary quest when your character is a literal space ninja wizard. seriously this game feels like an 60 dollar triple a game and the community is amazing my only regret is that I only started playing a few weeks ago, my bad for ignoring this game in steam charts XD. Rap Tap Tap. Hey Kiddo
  2. ohh cool thanks dude :3 they ain't lying when they said warframe has one of the best community, cheers mate
  3. hey guys mr7 guy here, people keep saying ignis wraith is a good primary but how do i exactly get it, i searched for it in our clan dojo but it only has the base ignis. does it drop from certain relics or enemies? btw been addicted to this game, the quests are *chef kiss*
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