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  1. ty again 🙂, you have a clue when it will be vaulted? 2 months, 1 month, less, more?
  2. Dude thank you hehe that means that kronen prime will be vaulted 2 right?
  3. hey guys i wanned to ask whos is about to be vaulted next?
  4. so Zheyper will be the next frame to be vaulted right?
  5. so which of them i dont understand that website sorry... wich farme and weapons
  6. i really want to know wich warframe will be vaulted next... thats it 🙂
  7. Ok, its more of a question, when the next night wave begins, yesturday i farmed mesa prime for 5 hours and i didnt know i need it to start building the blueprint xD i have everything crafted already and i think that some of you can feel my pain of farming relics and doing those fissure missions with trollers and now i cant craft her till the next night wave... ill be thankfull if you can give me the date of the next nightwave thank you 🙂
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