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  1. Never fails to amuse me what exactly people decide to focus on to help them feel better about being butts. Do you think that I was always silent in team chat? No, I was more or less convinced by the behavior of others to stop participating in it, because it was never about the mission or what needed to be done. As for "begging", I've never actually done that, that I can think of? I tend to not think I'm deserving of people spending money on me for any reason, so it always surprises me when people DO give me things, no matter if its in game or not. Sorry for having gripes and issues, I guess? I came to the forum to get a question answered, not defend my entire post from a bunch of heels who wanted something to pick apart. Regardless, I likely won't be back after this. I have better things to do. Like grinding. XD
  2. So, this might come as a shock to the community at large, but I have never personally seen the kind of "helpful community" that people claim Warframe to be. I spent all of my time on Warframe bouncing between random teams and going solo, and not once have I ever been approached for friendship from anyone I didn't know offline already. I've never been offered help, despite asking for it multiple times in region or team chat, and no one has ever gifted me anything out of the blue. Every time I asked for help, I was either met with silence or a quickly entered "git gud noob" or, rarely, a tirade in my whispers about how I should just stop playing and kill myself if I can't figure it out myself. So for me, this claim that "Warframe is the friendliest and best community game out there" is untrue. I've never felt more isolated and alone on a server full of people playing the same game, or hell, even the same MISSION. The rare occasions anyone says anything in mission, I just ignore it now because I'm busy trying to carry the damn mission while everyone else is standing around talking and dying. I don't talk during missions unless something needs to be done or something neat drops. Talking is for when I'm not being shot at by Grineer. So, I guess my issue/question is this: Where are all of these supposedly "friendly" community members in game? Where are these super-helpful Max Mastery Rank people that just go around helping people level up and progress? Where is the community I was told existed? On the forums, apparently. Where I basically haven't been until today. Thanks, Warframe. Real helpful.
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