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  1. A idea I had a few weeks ago that could make the crewmate system feel more alive. Crewmate questing system + new Railjack missions ideas - Fan Concepts - Warframe Forums
  2. Sounds cool could give a real feeling of progression in the world they could put something like that behind a MR rank that way you would have a purpose to lvl your stuff on the way and get rewarded by doing so with actual content. Something like you got MR 18 something happend on Fortuna you should go there and talk to Eudico about it she will tell you that there is a giant magma cave in the Vallis opened by the corpus they did not find the miners yet but you have to save them and after that you got an new cave with a little bit of lore much more ores for those who havn't farmed anought o
  3. That sounds like the progression of an Lich but with less boring grind and a little more reasonable than the current system would like to see something like this for the Lichsystem.
  4. Such a openworld would be great this time it could be so that a person with a giant sience team is searching for Hunhows grave or Hun him self if we don’t get to fight him in the New war we got wind of that and now want to find it as well. This could be the big attraction for this openworld but these would realy have to go the route of Eidolons maybe not as difficult and big but not something you could do in a few seconds it should be a hunt, a thing where you first have to destroy a plate or have to weaken them (but not just kill them) with your necramech and then catch them with a h
  5. DE once said they want to put the crew competency points behind a simple lvlsystem but that sounds a bit boring and would just create the problem that you would have to play solo to lvl them efficiently. A better system would be to get those points with some other reward by playing Railjackmissions for your crewmates it would create another motivation to play Railjack and would make your crewmates feel much more alive because they are giving you missions and complete them with you. DE already teased such a system in the 2019 Tennocon RJ demo but it sounded like they didn't know how
  6. Such a funktion would be cool for blueprints as well. You wouldn't have to scrap your Harrow chassies by hand and it would keep your inventory and the servers a little bit cleaner but it would need a funktion to desable this for prime parts.
  7. A problem I often had on my NSW when I was editing the Clanmessage or the text on the room terminal was that I couldn't just press a Enter key to change the line and even with a keyboard it just would have finished the text. So to create a pleasing looking text I would have to typ space several times and change the amount of spaces so that the text would fit the order of the other lines wich sometimes limited the amount of text I could put in a textbox extremly because space counts as an letter. My suggestion would be to include a command that would funktion like a enter key press
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