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  1. I'm not sure if this is only on the switch or on all platforms, or if this is just a REALLY questionable design choice but I thought I'd mention: when casting Ivara's one she pulls out her Artemis bow and shoots the desired arrow, however on Ivara Prime's casting of one she also pulls out the NON-PRIME artemis bow. I know it's not the end of the world, it doesn't make it unplayable but Its been bugging me ever since I saw it.
  2. We are getting a pack of relics for free which is good, but although it doesn't compensate for how late we are getting the update, and while it would be awesome to get an extra exp weekend, if we really want the update, it's not DE we should be voicing our opinions to, it's nintendo
  3. Well for the starters this is my first clan, I don't know about other clans but this one... This one is awesome. The leader, moderators, and veterans in this clan are always willing to help, I've only been playing for 1 month and have been in the clan for about 3 weeks,and I already feel like I know more than I could have possibly learned from experience or guides Kremo which is basically our lord and savior is an amazing leader. Overall Oath of Blood is an amazing clan, and I hope my message inspires you to join us.
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