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  1. zaw handles still missing on hip, even with a skin.
  2. Exploiter orb still extremely broken. ❤️
  3. Starting off, you have a chance not to see the ice on the vents for the first phase. There is a chance of losing your hud during the "exploiter orb" introduction.. the hud just wont come back until you end the mission. Second phase is where it gets real bad There is a chance that thermia fractures just stop spawning after ripping out the first piece. If you're not the host, there is a huge chance your bullets just go right through her. There is a chance you will throw thermia canisters like you're superman, extremely powerful, too fast to shoot. it will get thrown extremely high and extremely fast. This is a fun fight, i wish i could do it without being glitched out.
  4. host disconnecting when not doing anything new person gets invited and i get kicked for no reason new guy joins and only 2 of us get disconnected and it forces us both into a new group... let's not get started with the elevator simulator that is Fortuna..
  5. Whoa you mean, the people want less RNG?! whaaaaaaaat? Duplicate weapons should start after i've gotten them all once through. The amount of RNG i've encountered while only doing three liches, i'm already burnt out on this system and won't be doing it again until i see some rather major changes.
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