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  1. ... guess what ... more often than not , you do 5 daily Steelpath encursions and you dont get a single acolyte spawn, o but you have your Ayatan Anasa from the sortie, right ? .. isnt that compensation enough ? ..... You all really want too much out of this grind , be a little bit more modest for once ... :)
  2. tenet agendus elemental combos still wierd as hell if the original element is a combo element like radiation, it will decompose said element into their base elements as soon as you add a NEW element with no certain pattern an example: > radiation plus cold makes blast plus electric --- in this case it favors heat to make the new combined element and leaves the electric part of radiation alone or even better > radiation plus magnetic gives magnetic plus heat --- in this case it favors electric to add to the new magnetic combo and separates heat instead.
  3. is there any reason to get these skins again , if you got them already from the 2020 drops ?
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