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  1. especially in your case, a 2-man team rite ? an augmented Volt Shocktrooper and a carpet Oberon with Smite infusion would be the perfect 2 man team to pair up against the 3 Eidolons. You buff him he buffs you, in fact both buff themselves too, so there is no need for additional damage or damage auras like Dead Eye, you will have plenty of it . 2 CP plus 2CD is more than enough. Dont use a melee weapon as you wont accidentally waste some of your stacked up void charges. ( All melee attacks trigger a VS charge and it happens more often than you think, based solely on reflex and muscle memory). Thats why Shattering Impact is bad on Madurai VS users. ( You cant have it both ways). Use ciphers on the lures to gain some time. granted it will take you longer, but both on Madurai VS and I dont see any problems if you have some common game sense and are familiar with operator mechanics and their arcanes. Recommended sentinel for now : a tanky Prisma Shade with 4 Vigilante mods and Vigilante Pursuit, somewhere in your frame loadout. Rage or Hunter Adrenaline works extremely well on both frames, give the volt at least 1 arcane guardian. If you can manage without Magus Vigor or Magus Repair on your Operator loadouts all the better, if not use 1 of them and Magus lockdown. If u feel like you dont need magus lockdown, fell free to chose what you deem worthy.
  2. yes we know, its an ongoing "feature" since railjack day 1. Do they know I dont know ? We have yet to get a statement about the whole steath affinity dilemma with primarys and secondarys too. Hope they will share some insight in tonights dev stream,
  3. you can cancel the quest once you have your missing somachord, the quest wont bother you in the world state either. the only problem with this cancel quest thing is that in your codex all steps you did until then are marked as done and those after the cancel will be marked as not yet done , although you did them in the past already once. any further qeustions ?
  4. ... Kuva Guardian, one of the thougher Grineer starmap enemies , EHP at lvl 120 : 723.000 Gokstadt Officer, one of the new Railjack opponent , EHP at lvl 120 : 32.350.000 ===> TRANSPARENCY ... through and true
  5. oh come on lad , you cant do this , and when did DE nerf something lately ? you must be really behind the curve
  6. i had my app not working due to a stupid pet being in perma stasis, seen from the app, but the client stated otherwise. What i did was put the smeeta in real stasis , used a normal sentinel though i didnt want to , and the app started working again. this was recently a month ago or so, maybe even only 3 weeks and it might not apply to your case, still it is what it is ... my advice consider such things and also clear the foundry once and let all collectors offline and then repeat the login procedure.
  7. maybe you are a good player but not a knowledgable one, for you are not using a high power strength Titania which shreds this prehistoric boring boss in seconds. Use razorwing Dex Pixia with Corrosive, Firerate and Crit mods and use Arcane Rage and Arcane Avenger for even more dakka. The aura is Growing Power or Pistol Amp and one uses no augment. Its the beloved glass cannon build and the whole squad will thank you for the carry, of that you can be sure. You are welcome.
  8. Which doesnt kill you makes you stronger - well those sentients only kill stupidity not agility, they are slow as feck Magus Anomaly plus Magus Lockdown plus Virtuos Trojan (definitely not maxed) for the viral proc in spoiler form, hvy hit one time with your melee scythe and crumble they will... if u want to use Paracesis mod accordingly , the same goes for the Pennant. give it some attack speed or the joke is on you.
  9. Im telling them since 13 months that you cannot equip Synth Charge on the Pyrana and the Pyrana Prime. The Bronco (Prime), the Euphona Prime and the vanilla Brakk only have a magazine <6 and so they disqualify. Now the Kuva Brakk joins this illustrious club allthough magsize >6 . At first I thought , the whole sub category Shotgun Sidearms was not eligible for this mod, due to well lets say it: powercreep-issues, but that would be odd as there are other powerful shotgun sidearms which can use this mod , notably : the Detron, the Mara Detron , the AKBronco Prime , the Kohmak and the Twin Kohmak. My advice to all you tenno: Take it with a little grain of salt as you should with most things in this game : it doesnt make any sense.
  10. .... my artifical jukebox says this is a nice dream you have there tenno
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