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  1. to the OP , you are confusing the Glaive with the Glaive Prime,and even if the Glaive would have forced slashed proccs, they would not be enhanced by basic slash mods. That can only be done by status duration and raw damage. Sorry if this should be a misconception on my part , I can live with that.
  2. thx... and lets face it .... a much better package altogether (some would say wholesome) compared to these of the last 2 years editions....
  3. can anybody link a preview of the glyph of this years tennocon edition ?
  4. for being just an idea, this looks already very exciting in my build visions : PSF , Vigilante Pursuit and Power Drift or Rush ... all in the top row : now we talking.
  5. Do you know about Teshin and his Umbra rotation? At least this should give you some leeway to get your hands on Umbra.
  6. ... Concerning Juggernauts - do Bounty 3 or 4 at Mothers during VOME and you should be good after the first 5 minutes ... another thing, now that the Velocipod challenge is fixed, there are hardly any Velocipods around anymore on Deimos. Them and their fixes - fix one thing mess up another, often unrelated and not mutually exclusive. What goes on there ? But then still hey... I managed and so will you. If you are lucky you will find a purple velo right after the Necralisk exit zone when you are heading West-South-West into the Undulatum ravine but no need to go too f
  7. fool us once , shame on us , fool us twice ... well you are not the only one to notice how we didnt get what we were promised
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