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  1. please Nintendo Switch Users - your heatmap of the Glaive Prime makes it too obvious ....
  2. hi mate --- whats with the achievement Jugger-Not - Kill 5 Juggernauts while in Cambion Drift. Do you have it . do you have it unlocked ? we have that , we all have that, and noone so far has anything going for that one, unless that one was made achievable recently and I am a dummy. But probably not. very strange that you dont mention it, it was implemented the same update those 2 faulty ones you listed above were added. PS: Forget Steam and their sync issues with the DE launcher, its crap and DE doesnt treat completionists with the respect they
  3. yes this is as it right now... the only moment you get a true glimpse at the card is when you acquire it (first) , with a lvl 30 Lavos, spending something in Leverian mode and then fishing the card out of the box.
  4. ..... instead of dropping useless Bonewidow, launch Itzal archwing (you cant do both !! ) modded for range and efficiency and vaccum the hell out of the whole vault once or twice ... you wont believe how many scintillants you ll find that way, even more so now with the much much bigger underground layout of the vaults
  5. all avicheas spawn now in flocks of 2 to 4 as long as you have not fully scanned ones, Helios will be great for giving directions from where they come in flying > simply look for the (stealth) scan pop up on your screen and you wont have any problem locating them, hitting them though properly with the tranq is another pair of shoes.
  6. Deimos Leaper Eximus > Yes , they wander around in Deimos too, not only in vaults. Have met Basal Diploid Eximus , Feral Diploid Eximus and Mitosid Eximus too , but not one Deimos Jugulus Eximus so far ....
  7. when you do implement a former infested enemy ( Deimos Leaper who appeared during the toxic tunnel part in isolation vaults in pre 29.5 game version , but not exclusively ) in your "child of sorrow" aka The Codex , and you remove that enemy in the same update so that he doesnt follow any spawn logic anymore , what does that tell us ? - let alone the arbitrary 30 scans needed , why not 5 or 10 or 20 ? happened so in major Update 29.5: Deimos Arcana - Added Deimos Leapers and Deimos Conservation animals to the Codex. Do you hate the Deimos Leaper or is it jus
  8. ... popping up RED TEXT 3 minutes prior to launching a hotfix is simply not good enough - not anymore considering how long isolation vaults take to even get to the bad parts , you have to inform your playerbase 1 hour in advance of an update you dont update right out of the blue > you know beforehand , so let us know too !!!
  9. ... and now checking if you have reduced the build time of that Bonewidow’s Weapon Pod Blueprint by the amount you stalled, just kiddin
  10. pls rethink the matchmaking of steel essences encounters , fissures are already bad , but this logic simply defies the whole point
  11. there is no wounded state ... dont you do inform you the least a little bit from time to time ?
  12. .. you have glitched out predasites and / or vulpaphylas due to a corrupted end of mission(s) ... this leads to leveled then gilded then releveled and still no mastery (all for naught)... they show up as mastered in your profile but not in your codex as being mastered ! look out for them and redo them from ground up , sorry .... its easy to tell : you need as non-founder 126k Companion mastery which you dont have.
  13. ... well, well, well these are all known problems and already reported manyfold in the bug sections. You have to wait and see what will happen through future updates, patches and hotfixes. I have one tip for you though so that you dont need to abort the game when free falling on a K-Drive and with no access to the chat window to type /unstuck into it : when you are falling on the K-Drive, melee once and equip the K-Drive per shortcut through your gearwheel again. This should give you back the focus so you can use chat window per T key (default) . Then
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