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  1. excavation without vazarin protective dash you do , then a destroyed excavator you deserve
  2. you must revert this shader fix or do something about it ... the game is looking like 2013...even with good will on one eye and semi-blind on the other this last fix was minimalistic progression at best secondly... me as passionate K-Board driver and grinder and loving the Ventkids ( I know lots, very lots of folks who complain the heck about repping up their K-drives let alone formaing it twice) but at the same time being and older PvP veteran who has highest rank and all skins and what not , find it rather sanctimonious to favour one syndicate over another or in your case 👎exclude just 1 syndicate from the universal medallion pool - one could call this favoritism at its worst -... I cannot gain or lose anything anymore - I am literally exempt from blackmailing but this cannot be ... it feels wrong and hurts globally more than it gives satisfaction in specific cases ... in short what were you thinking but more pressing what are you doing about it DE? dont we deserve a pure straight logic answer if there is any ????
  3. can you stack double syandanas and boss sigils (stalker , zanuka,....) for real this time , please
  4. hey dude we are just helping here , a lot of people have trouble with fashion , although their human skillset is leadership worthy ... so stop shoootin pls...I call DE. on the other side ...I thought already on buying real estate in Peru or Paraguay and playing real life Desperado there. Prices are at an all time low. My spanish still sucks though. We will see.
  5. Blade of The Lotus Oberon with Kuva Armor is very bossy but a dark metallic Banshee with a green Tatsu inspires the great leadership you are looking for . If u can shrug all of resistance with 15 base armor , you are indeed untouchable . The very bright Titania on Whisp agile animation gives you something otherworldy , you might be looking for that ?
  6. its like in real life with cars, tattoos or guns, the expensive ones are not always the best or most beautiful ones
  7. DE knows this , but instead to fix it they gave us an indoor map most players do not really enjoy cause it lacks the fluency of the old indoor or the actual outdoor map. So what we have now is a very poor Index iteration which drives a lot of people mad and away from it, like practically all annoying content. My tip leave when the host leaves. Or play solo and take it as a challenge to get better. Start with doing 1 round alone Low Index in your case until you can easily do 3 rounds alone. But first gear up and get a frame suitable to play Index. Get maybe a Rhino and a critical radiation weapon layout and start pushing your Zenurik school first. Im assuming you are a new player , rite?
  8. yes you do , but does it have to be this way....and friendo I meant the stalker Sigil in particular , which is coded differently
  9. please....stop giving Boss Sigils twice, there is already enough stuff we cant delete on our own.. dont add more
  10. does it also happen when you play solo ? when it happens which other frames are involved ? is it happening in Index ? what about when there is a Wukong Clone in the squad ? im on certain traces of which none has lead to something substantial,.. we need more sample sizes when , how and where ... but the problem is certainly with the game and not on your end , that I can tell you for sure..
  11. ...and how great is that - the simple solution yet maybe even the best ...gratz
  12. dont they dare changing the requirements now , dont you think?
  13. Give the squad an incentive to do good as a SQUAD .Simple as that. If you score more then 100 points per run you will get an extra of whatever maybe even 75 pearls. Nothing else will remedy the situation with those AFKlers behind ship wreckages or on top of Rocks.
  14. How do you interact with an Infested ? Can you figure infested traders and NPCs'. I cant yet. This "new" open world is only in the making. Do you really wanna get more of the same boring syndicates. Honestly I see nothing good or new coming this way and would gladly hear > postphoned indefintely. Rail Jack is something entirely different, new quality content and new squad mechanics. Lets focus on this and we might even get back some epicness from the past.
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