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  1. ... popping up RED TEXT 3 minutes prior to launching a hotfix is simply not good enough - not anymore considering how long isolation vaults take to even get to the bad parts , you have to inform your playerbase 1 hour in advance of an update you dont update right out of the blue > you know beforehand , so let us know too !!!
  2. ... and now checking if you have reduced the build time of that Bonewidow’s Weapon Pod Blueprint by the amount you stalled, just kiddin
  3. pls rethink the matchmaking of steel essences encounters , fissures are already bad , but this logic simply defies the whole point
  4. there is no wounded state ... dont you do inform you the least a little bit from time to time ?
  5. .. you have glitched out predasites and / or vulpaphylas due to a corrupted end of mission(s) ... this leads to leveled then gilded then releveled and still no mastery (all for naught)... they show up as mastered in your profile but not in your codex as being mastered ! look out for them and redo them from ground up , sorry .... its easy to tell : you need as non-founder 126k Companion mastery which you dont have.
  6. ... well, well, well these are all known problems and already reported manyfold in the bug sections. You have to wait and see what will happen through future updates, patches and hotfixes. I have one tip for you though so that you dont need to abort the game when free falling on a K-Drive and with no access to the chat window to type /unstuck into it : when you are falling on the K-Drive, melee once and equip the K-Drive per shortcut through your gearwheel again. This should give you back the focus so you can use chat window per T key (default) . Then
  7. Yes Helios is of no help here, You need good manual timing or ..... I used a power strength mirage, the more ability power the quicker the manual scans when standing in the light.
  8. ... hmm why would Mirage be the most viable frame on solo survival Grendel node ? no need to really answer that , I disagree already... if you are still struggling to solo this then please consider taking a Saryn and a magnetic kuva nukor with a steroid melee (pennance, lesion and the like) . open all crates and lockers , if you have energy problems you could Protea your Saryn on the mold slot first. But this is doable solo and ... dont hope for DE to change something, you just wasting your time - we are long past this point sadly.
  9. ..... its not that all these things mentioned above dont matter but why not focus on the reel matter at hand for once ? It comes in three parts , first correct the Fortress Scanner of the Kuva Forteress tile , secondly tell us who the Corpus is between Shield Osprey Eximus and Shockwave Moa and third implement those 8 last Infested Deimos correctly and we are good. The rest is pretty much all uncovered. Then; the Codex is still a long way from perfect but it would give a new sense to those who care. to all: If there are news on any of these 3 things at hand please l
  10. a month and a half well thats not good enough... Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker began on May 12, 2020 - so its already been running for 6 months, sadly. Proteas alt Helmet were in Nora Glassmaker rotation of week July 13 (Mavv) and week July 27 (Telema) respectively, and since then didnt reappear.
  11. Visage and Lamia excactly, and Mithra still has her way to shine in the future, but not for now oddly.
  12. ... Banshee of course with double tennogen investment: Banshee Blade of the Lotus Skin and on top (no pun intended) of course the Tennogen Banshee Dominia Helmet . She looks now like the Alien Queen out of the well known movie franchise... oh so well worth thy investment , oh tenno . IM GUILTY
  13. its not fair that a veteran with an abundance of resources should voice his opinion on such matter, so I WONT. but still look at what they gave me back per their usual script runs , and tell me how I should complain without being total *@##$y about it ??
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