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  1. The most amusing glitch by far is giant pets... More giant pets, please.
  2. Most recent update seems to have caused a number of glitches for all Empyrean content on my end... Every time I use the Archwing launcher while I'm a client, the launcher doesn't trigger a complete transition to Archwing. I get stuck with Warframe health, armor and weapons (INCLUDING MELEE which is hilarious). Additionally damage seems extremely inconsistent while engaging in on-foot combat with enemies. One moment they'll be tanking dozens of hits from weapons that should shred them (with no armor), the next they fall apart like paper... What gives? This is with level 75-80 content in Empyrean. Most recent update seems to have caused a number of glitches for all Empyrean content on my end... Every time I use the Archwing launcher while I'm a client, the launcher doesn't trigger a complete transition to Archwing. I get stuck with Warframe health, armor and weapons (INCLUDING MELEE which is hilarious). Additionally (as a client) with the 360° gunner seat there seems to be an issue with the ship randomly glitching into view as black or gray geometry obscuring gunnery view. I've also encountered an issue twice on Nsu Grid in Veil Proxima where the game refuses to let me finish the mission solo despite completing all objectives. The raid objective requiring on-board and away crew to cooperate will inevitably re-activate; however since the objectives were already completed they do not allow for further action... I've had to abort on a Void Cloak drop because of this as well as my first and only battle avionic...
  3. Generally speaking, feedback is welcomed, but complaining in all-caps is a great way to A) make yourself look like an ingrate, and B) get ignored, since you're aggressive about providing non-constructive feedback.
  4. DE needs to rework their time-gating overall, tbh. It's something that's been kept in the game since I started playing and there was virtually no content. Same thing with rush costs. It's typical fremium economy trash that forces players to test their patience or splurge to get premium currency and get what they've already spent time grinding in a timely fashion. Needs to be reworked entirely, reduced build times or a rush cost that DOESN'T cost Pt would be a great step in the right direction. But I haven't seen too many folks talking about this issue, so it seems that the community simply accepts this as par for the course.
  5. Thanks for working hard, DE. It feels like it's not really possible to run this solo even at a low level (contrary to what was being discussed during the last Devstream) since the Railjack doesn't have any innate cloak, it's just a sitting duck if you're trying to go in with your Archwing and collect resources or clear fighters/crew ships. AI seems to default to attacking the Railjack as well. Archwing will draw some fire, but most enemies seem to be drawn to the Railjack and once you're dealing with with repairs, it feels like you are pretty much stuck in a loop dealing with the repairs from boarding/damage since you've got no way to deal with external threats if you're inside. I'm aware your plans are to have this a heavy Co-op mode right now, but matchmaking seems spotty as after a few attempts on my end to get a crew on my ship, even with 50+ available squads, nobody seems to get matched in and the mission automatically starts even without additional crew members. Kinda a bummer, but, I'll reserve judgement until there's been time to hot fix and make adjustments.
  6. Ever since the Dry Dock was put out, I've been trying to restructure my Dojo only to find out that EVERYTHING is linked in some bogus way or another to existing structures. I even built purposeful loops around the complex to try and link newer structures to previous ones to circumvent sections that I needed removed only to find that was a complete waste of time and resources. Being able to move existing structures around would be incredibly helpful, especially since I don't actually want to "delete" the rooms in question since I'll just be moving them, but with the haphazard way my original dojo was constructed (because 6 years ago I didn't really have to think about the layout of the thing) has resulted in a complete impasse at this juncture. I can't very well leave and start again since that's a MASSIVE amount of time and resources that would simply be wasted.
  7. I've been meaning to ask this since Phase 2 (actually since Phase 1 for melee swapping) of the melee rework went live, but can we get some more options for *how* our game plays? I mean this specifically in reference to hold melee swapping and hold for heavy attack. We used to have a key bind specifically for "switch to melee" and while holding the switch weapon key is an obvious attempt to streamline this, we still have a "switch gun" bind which is objectively useless since a tap on switch weapon only switches between equipped ranged weapons, effectively doing the same thing. Additionally: I hate hold melee resulting in an automatic heavy attack as sometimes my keyboard tends to be a little sensitive with rapid taps and it results in completely wasting my combo meter. I've bound my heavy attack to the same button as alt-fire and I wish to use that exclusively, can we please get an option to toggle "hold for heavy"?
  8. I've had some time to finally use the Archwing and test for changes. Audio feedback seems a little off, it used to sound and feel very obvious when boosting at full speed prior to the update and this no longer seems to be the case. General maneuvering (to me anyhow) feels pretty good where it's at; however, the universal blink is NOT great. For one, and I'm not sure if the keybinds are functioning as intended but even after setting them to default it still functions like this, blink being your "roll" feels terrible. We have to STOP thrusting full-speed in order to blink with the default keybinds. I'm assuming mapping roll to space would do the trick for it, but I'm then sacrificing my ability to shift upward when not boosting. So, maneuvering feels okay, full-thrust feels awful now. Oh, and the Itzal with that harpoon is awful. Please figure out something better than lifting the most useless ability on Valkyr.
  9. I still find it odd after nearly 6 years of playing what is effectively a power fantasy that instead of brining other items in line with a particularly powerful or useful item to promote diversity with the available kit the choice is to smash whatever is effective with a hammer.
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