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  1. There need to be other viable ways to increase Standing for Nightwave... The Saturn Six Fugitives were too low on rewards to really care about, but they were a helpful bonus (just doubling the standing from them alone made them a helpful way to top up on standing with their high-ish spawn rate). Make more activities that contribute to standing gain that are NOT the "challenges" you lot have cooked up within the Nightwave dailies/weeklies... While you're at it, why not engage in monthly challenge? Something that you can peck at throughout the month to complete?
  2. I've had this same issue. Was anyone running a Nekros during their stint? I had it just on IO while running Nekros solo, so my thought is that one of the shadows spawned a "Friendly" enemy Osprey causing the game to not progress past wave 2.
  3. Waframe is entirely feasible solo. There's no content in the game currently that cannot be taken on solo. Raids were the only exception to this rule. There's zero reason to force people to play how they don't want to play. As for your assessment of people's choices for playing solo: don't come onto a game forum and preach that a company ham-fistedly implementing a system which excludes people's preferred playstyle is a good thing benefiting the players when the game itself does nothing in any other form to discourage this.
  4. As it stands, I do not enjoy Nightwave in the current iteration. I've posted some minor gripes earlier, but to be quite honest, they're one of many reasons that I felt pushed away from the game. There are many factors to this so there's no need to go into detail within this specific post about anything other than Nightwave itself. My biggest issue is that, while I'm in favor of rewarding players' dedication, I do not appreciate being subjected to extended time sinks from the game. There are so many things vying for our already limited time and Warframe being another one of them is not rubbing me the right way. I know that the seasonal approach may seem like it's lenient or enough time to provide, but realistically, popping on and getting slapped with weekly Nightwave challenges when you've got a weekend (or maybe only a couple hours) to try and clear them before they are shuffled off and you have a brand new set of challenges to not complete is really disheartening. It's the same problem generated by the previous alert system, if you don't have the time, you're going to miss out. This time, the rewards seemed actually decent. Which is a shame, because at this point I'm not going to be able to get any of the rewards I'd like from this first go unless DE decides/figures out a way to allow for standing to be earned for previous events. I get that the goal is to continue, as live service models tend to do, to attempt to keep players engaged with the game by stoking the fear of missing out. I don't think that's a great way to create player engagement. Folks that are already dedicated to a live service game will continue to focus on that game primarily, even if they wander away for a while, they'll return so long as the game is able to maintain interest. Nightwave in the present state doesn't do that for me. I'm fine creating a barrier for entry. I'm fine with creating a challenge to obtain gear. I'm not fine with arbitrary time limits imposed as a means to pressure players. This is exactly what we didn't want. We'll see how the second round goes, we've already got RNGsus to contend with, we don't need harsher forms of grind to compound this ever-present arbitrary limitation.
  5. Cool... Thanks for the update. When are Arbitrations going to be changed to have a normal cycle instead of a double cycle?
  6. I'm returning after a hiatus from shortly after Nightwave launched until around a few days ago...Presently in my pool for Nightwave "acts" are "Gilded" and "Expressive" (a weekly and a daily act) which require a Tenno to Gild a modular item and play an emote respectively... I feel neither of these should exist for a couple of reasons: they're on completely opposing sides of a spectrum, one requires you to barely do anything at all (and, look, I get it, daily challenges blow by with nothing really noticed, but this feels like scraping the bottom of the barrel); the other one forces one to acquire several items to craft then assemble then rank up, then finally gild. Feels kinda crappy for folks that don't want to have to rush out during the week to acquire blueprints and materials and sink them into something like this. For folks that have already been playing a while, we may not want to waste time building what is likely a throwaway duplicate of something they've already got, for folks that are newer, it feels exceptionally pressuring if we're trying to max out potential standing. There's got to be something better than this, surely?
  7. Pretty sure the fact that this thread exists and that they're trying to get information about hardware and the problems associated means that they do care about controller support. But, carry on being pointlessly inflammatory, I'm sure DE really appreciates your denigration of their hard work to help you feel better about complaining about their game.
  8. I am unsure if my specific issue is appropriate for this specific topic, but it's controller-related? I play on PC with a Wooting analog mechanical keyboard (it allows for XInput or DirectInput to support a joystick like function along the depression range) which functions completely normally; however, I tend to leave a controller(DualShock 4) plugged in for convenience purposes and leaving this device plugged in when Warframe is launched locks the game into controller-only support, if you will. I'm only able to make menu confirmations through the controller itself, I can't click to confirm, nor press "enter" to confirm selections in menus. I can type, and the mouselook works, but no menu navigation functions as it used to.
  9. This was something that was extremely annoying, looking forward to trying it out with less obnoxious crowd control effects on the player. Can we expect to see the same QoL changes being applied to Transferrence and its abilities? Often times not only are weapon and doors held up, but use of the Operator tends to be massively delayed as well (including occasional glitches with Operator Arcanes and effects)
  10. Can we just get more of this all around to other frames? There are a few that need... "rear area weight" adjustment... To make them more... substantial and shapely.
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