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  1. Are you joking? Have you not been oneshot during any of the dozen or more level transitions you have to go through in a single Railjack mission? Have you never been oneshot in the time it takes for an ability tank or damage frame to cast the ability that will let you survive? Level scaling is as awful as ever in Railjack, and it's even worse because the enemy ships do so much damage even at level 30-40.
  2. Holy crap these resource costs are insane. From killing and looting an entire Veil Proxima map, I got 653 Titanium in well over half an hour of high-level, difficult play. Meanwhile, every single MK III item requires 12-15 thousand titanium. This kind of progression works okay in Focus because you're constantly passively gaining Focus points, and you can equip all your unlocked nodes in a tree and all your unbounds at the same time (provided you have enough pool). In Railjack, however, all that goes out the window. You need 5 different pieces of MK III gear to have a high-tier Railjack, but what happened to situational weapons or experimenting with builds or trying out new salvage? You're full-looting ~120 Veil Proxima missions just to have a viable Railjack for future New War quest content. But what happens when you need different guns or want to upgrade your parts (because stupid RNG stats are a thing)? It's another 24-30 missions that each take over a half an hour to complete. That's over 12 freaking hours of time in-mission on the hardest "normal" difficulty you've thrown at us so far for EACH PART WE BUILD. The rewards here are insanely low, and it just feels like a huge money grab because you have the 50-plat grindpass drone in the market. It's the slimiest $&*^ move I've ever seen from Digital Extremes, only surpassing the Hema research because there's a way to get around this grind by paying. What's next, you're going to put pay-to-win items in plat-only lootboxes? Most Railjack resource demands are fine. Most rare ones (Fresnels, Komms, Kesslers, Isos, Aucrux, etc) are appropriately balanced. My issues are Carbines, Copernics, Diodes, Pustrels, Titanium, and Asterite (1440 for a Vidar Reactor MK III, when I get like 20 per mission?!). I used to think that Dirac was way too rare, but after grinding I have more than enough, even before the increase to Dirac gain from scrapping. Is there any way we could use Dirac to make up for a lack of another resource when repairing parts? Since you get the resource from scrapping parts, it only makes sense that you could use it to repair parts. I feel like you need to introduce things much better in the game. Specific to this feedback thread, the Forge sucking up resources that you then need to refine to get them in your inventory needs to be explicitly stated to the player. I don't want to know how much of these stupid resources I've lost to the forge.
  3. I love the Kuva Brakk, except for the insane falloff, but I can work around that. The Kuva Seer is a weapon for which I've waited forever. Ever since I started Warframe and killed Vor a few times to build the original Seer, I've thought it was a really cool weapon design that I want a good version of. Finally, the buffed version gets here and it's amazing... except for a horrendously low 36 total ammo. Why. Why did you find it necessary to gimp this weapon when it seems to be somewhat worse than a Tombfinger. The only advantages it has over a Haymaker Splat Tombfinger are a 2nd bonus element, slash damage, and more status. On the other hand, it's way behind when it comes to crit stats, mag size, and reload speed. Limiting the Kuva Seer to 27 rounds in reserve when the Tombfinger can have infinite ammo at no real cost is absurd. Please just give the Kuva Seer a normal pistol ammo pool, or even just 90 rounds in reserve.
  4. That's not how those mods work. They scale off the rank 0 health and shield values.
  5. I have an interesting bug here. The Swirling Tiger dual-sword stance has a combo called "Dancing Hunter". On the third attack of the combo, it performs 4 hits: 1x damage, 1x damage, no damage number (but advances combo counter by 2), and 2x damage. Based on the combo counter, I think the third hit should be doing 2x damage instead of being a ghost hit. https://imgur.com/a/dqndngN https://1drv.ms/v/s!AmSixU2Q5CdYpJ8miZ6eLMMtFoqabA?e=lwEDGV Additionally, I've found a similar issue with the 3rd part of Red Soil. The amount of combo gained from landing all 5 damage numbers can vary between 10, 11, and 12. However, I didn't see any ghost hits with this, so it may be a weird interaction with landing.
  6. Holy crap the murmur grind is insane. I've been invaded by my Lich twice (Edit: thrice now, just before I finish the first murmur) already and I haven't even gotten the first murmur done. 50 is way too many. Try 10, maybe 20. I could easily discover the first and maybe even second required Requiem mod by trial-and-error before I finish gathering these stupid hints. Here's an even better idea: Ever heard of the logic game Mastermind? Why not just make the Requiem guessing into a game of Mastermind? You test a set of three mods, and you find out how many of the right mods you had an if you had any in the right order. This could even allow you to keep the current level of murmur grind, since it'd be feasible to logic out the correct set of mods. Having to farm and re-farm these stupid Requiem mods is the worst addition to the game since relics were added in the first place. Popping relics sucks compared to literally any other game mode, and I still don't feel any more likely to get the rare exilus weapon adapter than the old rare drops from T3S or T3D. The inflated enemy level on these Kuva-Lich-controlled nodes is annoying, not fun or challenging. It just makes me take a tankframe to ignore their inflated damage output instead of trying something fun like new Vauban. Getting instagibbed by the Lich just because you don't have the right Requiem mods is really dumb, especially when there's no way to discover the right order of mods except by trial and error. You're punishing the player for not avoiding the incorrect move, when you don't give the player any opportunity to make a correct move. Additionally, what the heck is with the AMBER STAR as a Requiem relic drop? With all the effort put in to farm one of those relics, you think a single freaking ayatan star is a worthwhile drop? Why is it even in the table, let alone a possible drop for a Radiant Requiem relic? It's an absolutely insulting drop.
  7. Polearm hitboxes on the aerial melee attacks are screwy. This clip shows how bad they are. Also, I had Primed Reach equipped. Also, Requiem Relics do not seem to count towards the "Unlock Relics" Nightwave challenge.
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