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  1. Vapos Crewmen can become alerted by your mere presence, even while fully invisible. If you come within 5 or 10 meters of one, they instantly go to full alert, not even the low alert that they'd have if you bumped into them while invisible.
  2. I think a good idea for a daily task would be to fully loot all containers (and lockers?) in a mission.
  3. This week's Nightwave tasks are much better than last week's. The removal of the 5-sortie and 8-bounty tasks is great. The 3-forma task is the only questionable one this week, since it requires having a weapon/frame you want to forma in the first place.
  4. I'm very disappointed that the glitch that allowed me to lock myself in melee mode was patched. Can we please get a toggle option to lock ourselves in melee mode, or at the very least bring back the "Switch to Melee" keybind so I'm not pulling out a gun every time I try to aimglide while in melee?
  5. The more I use the new system, the worse it feels. Weapon switching is janky as heck and makes me drop coolant/datamasses/etc. way too often. The "melee flow" changes NEED to be reverted. The slam attacks are the only good change made in the last patch, and not being able to properly equip a melee weapon feels so awful. Being stuck with a melee weapon after using quick melee and pulling out a gun whenever I try to aimglide in melee (a vital part of mobility for melee weapons) screws everything up.
  6. These are all terrible ideas that take away player agency. This is literally just a regular sortie condition.
  7. These changes are amazing for quick melee, but the worst thing ever for equipped melee. I can't aimglide in melee, which makes it impossible to hit drones and ospreys. It's absolutely impossible to use block combos now, as hitting block makes you equip your gun. Sure, you can hold aim before pulling out your melee, but that locks you into using a single combo. Additionally, Vagrant Blight (one of the best combos on any stance in the game and by far the best combo for tonfas) is absolutely impossible to use now, since if you're holding block, you perform Baleful Sin instead. The only way I can see this system working is bringing back the Switch to Melee keybind. Using this keybind would put you in locked melee combat, letting you use M2 for aimglide and combos. While in dedicated melee mode, there could be a system implemented where the Quick Melee keybind turns into a Quick Fire keybind. It would pull out your gun with the same "flow" rules as the Quick Melee: M1 fires, M3 secondary fires, Quick Fire also fires, etc., but you can't aim. Instead, trying to aim pulls your melee weapon back out. This would let people use the full functionality of the melee system while still being able to pull out a gun for a few quick shots. The one really strange thing about the new system is using certain melee weapons for quick melee stuff feels wrong. Gunblades with Bullet Dance start firing instead of doing a quick slash. Thrown melees with high attack speed too easily start doing the Falling Star combo on the second hit instead of Midnight Cloud. Recovery time for air melee has always been way too long, and feels even clunkier now with the quickswap implementation. Hold back combos (S+M1) are still really awkward to use. These should be replaced with a different keybind, either hold forward (W+M1) or hold M1. Any hold forward combo (W+M1) needs to fork later in the hit sequence than other combos to avoid accidentally triggering it when you're just trying to move forward while meleeing.
  8. 1-hour survival is fine, but it can be reduced to 40 minutes for the same effect while reducing frustration. 5 sorties in a single week is way too much. 1 was good, 2 would be okay, but 5 in a single week is over 2 hours of time investment and a daily requirement of half an hour. Sorties aren't even fun or rewarding in the first place. We need some indication of how much progress we need to complete the battle pass by the end. I can't tell how many of these garbage challenges (like 5 sorties in a week) I can afford to skip. Nora's voice is annoying as heck. She has too few lines and a very distinctive vocal style that just pisses me off with repeated exposure. Can we get a mute toggle for her?
  9. The 1-hour survival challenges are fine. It's the only time I can get a group together for a nice long survival, and I think it's a fair challenge. You could consider reducing it to 40 minutes to make it easier on people, because that keeps some of the length while not letting the enemies level to oneshot territory where it gets tedious for a lot of people. The "complete 5 sorties" challenge is way too much time investment. It takes at least a half an hour to complete a sortie, and I don't enjoy them in the first place. Expecting players who aren't interested in sorties to do 5 of them in one week to keep up with Nightwave levels is absurd. 1/week is fine, and 2/week would be okay if the 1/week isn't "enough", but 5/week is just awful. There should be some indication of how much we need to progress per week to complete the battle pass by the end of it. I can't tell how many of these stupid challenges I can afford to skip.
  10. Finally. Only took you what, 2 years after you ruined them?
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