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  1. Update: I did manage to finish, however - HAD to use Banshee/redeemer. I still stick by my original point, this test was stupidly hard due to buggy mechanics. -Major- roadblock for newer players, and completely unnessecary. Sure, if the AI behaved the same way every time (line of sight range/not seeing through pillars and walls) - it would be absolutely fine. But combine the ruthless amount of bugs, and the fact youve basically got to have either a certain frame or certain weapon... And the result is trash. Not even remotely enjoyable, trash. Been playing MMOs basically since the begining, ie EQ... SWG, WoW and everything since then. Never have I encountered such a game stopping buggy mission that went without being addressed. Sure, there were plenty of bugs in those games too - but very rarely did they halt your main line progression - and they never went more than a week or two without being patched. Guess thats the difference between a good game, and a great game.
  2. At the risk of sounding like a whiner - Im going to be blunt. Screw this buggy pile of crap test. Im on attempt 6 now, and frankly - Im so aggrivated with the associated bugs Im about to quit thanks to it. Ive watched almost every video in existence on it, browsed the forums for hours, tried every method Ive found... Stage 1 & 2 are literally no issue in the slightest (save tonight, where I was seen through a pillar after executing the second enemy.) Stage 3 is impossible in the current state of the game. Ive been seen through pillars, around corners, from rediculously far away, and frankly Im over it. Im going to give it one last shot to see if the banshee/redeemer combo is still working - and if it doesn't, Im out. I -love- warframe, but the fact that I have been unable to progress past where I am because of bugs/24 hour wait time is honestly infuriating. Ive passed every other test on the first attempt, without even a slight issue. This test, however, is a freaking joke. Devs.... I strongly recommend FIXING THIS STUPID TEST if you'd ever like to expand your player base. Everything Ive read indicates this test was right around where it needed to be for difficulty before the stealth changes hit - now, its near impossible unless you utilize a bug to pass it.
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