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  1. While this is a nice change to see, I happen to be the wrong change. Permadeath is something new and a great change that's fine. The problem is the fact that unless in Interception or Excavation arbitration is pointless to play. Defense while it takes 10 waves to see a reward the waves take forever and makes the mode pointless. Survival is the same way but 10 minutes isn't as bad but still garbage. While Interception doesn't take as long as the other you can pull rewards faster than the other two mission types. And Excavation being the best of them all with only 2 excavators needed for a reward and if you have a smart team that can split rotation rewards come at a quick pace while other modes take days. Defense needs its waves dropped down to 5 waves or keep it at 10 but have all the enemy's spawn at once so the waves go by at a reasonable rate. And Survival I have no ideas on how to make it better besides 5m waves.
  2. " Significantly reduced the Wolfs tankiness.' YES!
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