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  1. Ah, there's been an unforseen issue porting titania prime to the PS4. According the the post by Danielle, we'll be getting them today, April 1st. Just wait for the patch, and you should get your items.
  2. I'd say you're right, but you've already lumped in literally every valid criticism with that kind of criticism, that, or you're interpreting real criticism as a defense of a specific thread you saw and didn't like and decided to make a ranty forum post about. You're just coming across like a whiny pissbaby throwing a temper tantrum because "how dare people criticize this free game!"
  3. How can you expect DE to properly fix it if people don't tell them where they messed up? If we take your advice, we just ghost on DE, check back later to see if they've fixed it, and when they haven't because nobody is telling them what we want, we just ghost even harder. That's, uh.... I don't think you thought that through.
  4. No, but the spinning circle and the "failed to connect to server," message are from bans. You get banned for two reasons, scamming and being a cretin. Connectivity issues provide different diagnostic issues. Being banned is the only thing that will allow you to connect with and play WF while not being allowed to access chat servers. If they can connect to and play WF, but not to chat, they're banned.
  5. Ya got banned. Wait for your ban to resolve, and in the future stop being a cretin in chat.
  6. mmm yes, that's how fractions work.
  7. Not everything in a thread is addressed to you. You're not that important.
  8. I think I remember watching you get banned. Weren't you trying to spell out Racial slurs in region one letter at a time?
  9. That's not a bug. You're banned. Stop being a cretin in chat.
  10. While running Sanctuary Onslaught as a client, trying to farm for Khora, I got matched with a potato for a host. After finishing zone 2, the UI froze, and I assumed that I would just receive my drops when we finished. Apparently not. After finishing zone 8, my host DC'd while I continued alone. After finishing the end mission screen is only showing me the drops from zone 1 and 2, and no rewards from 3-8. I guess that's one way to get people to pay plat for Khora, just make getting her impossible thanks to drop bugs. Guess I'll just stay away from SO and ESO until this is never fixed.
  11. *laughs in Klamora/Certus brace/Volt shield/Unairu wisp*
  12. Ivara prime makes the Ivara grind so much easier.
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