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  1. Please take your time and don't rush this update for PS4.
  2. No, but the spinning circle and the "failed to connect to server," message are from bans. You get banned for two reasons, scamming and breaking the rules. Connectivity issues provide different diagnostic issues. Being banned is the only thing that will allow you to connect with and play WF while not being allowed to access chat servers. If they can connect to and play WF, but not to chat, they're banned.
  3. Thank you for the transparency, please stay safe and shoot infected on sight.
  4. Any news on this one? It's getting pretty aggravating trying to farm out the arcanes, and getting lobotomized halfway through the fight.
  5. Anecdotes aren't evidence. Wait for usage stats to come out.
  6. Sniper themed frame? We've already got Mesa the Gunslinger. How about a sniper, and their exalted gun gets 1-3 shots per cast, but hits like a MFing truck. I think that would add some variety to eidolon hunts.
  7. Any chance this drops on the PS4 with Scarlet Spear?
  8. People have been begging for a mirage tweak for a pretty long time. The reason for that being that the lighting in the game is really inconsistent with her Eclipse ability, and it's pretty much random whether you're going to have a dmg buff, or a DR buff. The workaround to that was to self proc an electric status effect (before the heat rework, it was heat), and this would set her in light mode, allowing us to reliably control her eclipse. Now that self damage is going away, she's been effectively removed from the already limited pool of Eidolon viable frames. She actually puts out more dmg per ability strength than chroma can ever hope, and she could 1 shot eidolon limbs with her buffs alone and 300% pwr strength. However, the plains are always dark, meaning that without the ability to proc a status on yourself, you're stuck with dmg reduction. Maps aren't consistent with their lighting either. On many tilesets, you can be in broad daylight, but have the dmg reduction buff, but go into a dark room and suddenly you have a dmg buff. This is a case of a workaround we were relying on to cover an unpolished system being removed from us, rendering the frame obsolete for anything but MR fodder and room clearing in defense missions. 1 dimensional frames are not good or fun.
  9. You don't build mirage for health... you build her for dmg reduction and dps. Literally, the only health mod on a good chunk of Mirage builds is Primed vigor, or just Vigor for people <200 days in.
  10. I can see the appeal of that, but I think that something that would allow the buff to apply either damage buff, or damage reduction at the same time to different players in the squad would encourage more teamwork and a greater team dynamic would be useful as well. I'm not sure how a straight toggle would work, unless it was like volt's or limbo's skill. A roll/dodge to let your team mates toggle it.
  11. Self damage is going away, and with that, I think it's reasonable to assume self status procs. With that happening, I think it's worth looking at mirage's eclipse again. We all know it's finicky to control which buff you'll get, and now that self procs are disappearing, the workaround we had is now disappearing. So, how can we change it to put control of that back in the hands of the players? I propose, change it so that the Damage buff is applied while the player is in the air, wall running, and wall latching. The damage reduction buff would then be applied while the player is on the ground. I think this would do 3 things: raise Mirage's skill ceiling, raise the ceiling on gun play with Mirage, and make her Total Eclipse augment more viable, as it would allow Tanks to tank better, and DPS to DPS better. I also believe it would be thematic with her theme of an acrobatic Jester. Any other suggestions?
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