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  1. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    WTB Leg Fusion Cores Pleees

    Offer here or ingame 😃
  2. Title. Offer here or ingame.
  3. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    WTS Good Sicarus Riven

    -PFS on Sicarus Riven is really bad and when the % is over 100 % it reduces the whole damage by 50%, the riven from HeartPurity is clearly better.🤠
  4. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    WTS Godly Ignis Riven

    Since Delusion is not available atm i undertake the duty to help a brother out @Jellied
  5. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    RUuuubens on crack *revisited come in and get some

    All credits go to @xenon_nobelium 🤠
  6. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    RUuuubens on crack

    No booli in my thread pls.
  7. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    RUuuubens on crack

    Thats charly🤠
  8. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    RUuuubens on crack

    Offer here or ingame 🤠
  9. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    WTS Semi Dogly Rubens

    Offer here or ingame 🤠
  10. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    WTS Dogly Snipetron | Sati-Visicron

    Thats fake news, i never owned more than 500 plat. Cause you know, no riven is worth more than 500 plat you fraud.🤠
  11. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    WTS Dogly Snipetron | Sati-Visicron

    Upvote for not using the term "godly" @IwajStahp trolling iwaj , dis is srs business🤠