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  1. Peter.Enis-EGT-


    @Iwaj lol 🤠
  2. Why doesn´t DE split the cosmetics up in smaller packages and just categorizes them e.g in "Weapon Bundle " , " Syandana Bundle " etc. for a lower price like 15 € or something like that.
  3. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    Hotfix 12.3.2

    That DE logic ,buff the drop rate of the Detron and remove the resource rewards . And release the Brakk again with an even lower drop rate of the parts and also implement resource and mod rewards. Thats 3x times more RNG. GG !
  4. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    Hotfix 12.3.2

    Yeah pretty nice ,changing that RNG logic again. Farming the Brakk for around 12 hours now. Did way over 100 runs... Gradivus was a joke compared to that.
  5. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    Steel Charge Update

    Everybody has the opportunity to obtain more than 1 x Rank 6 Steel Charge, so why you guys criticize that decision ? Fair chances for everbody =) Lunarsage you are my man !
  6. Peter.Enis-EGT-

    Hotfix 11.5.3

    Can´t login after updating the client... Ah ok some more have that problem.