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  1. --Q--Stryker

    There are some advices on Lunaro

    This is something more suited for https://forums.warframe.com/forum/114-conclave-feedback/
  2. --Q--Stryker

    Fishing and Toxic Behavior

    Most likely sarcasm, since they said pardon my English but made no mistakes + what the guy above me said.
  3. --Q--Stryker

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    The closed beta was from October 2012-March 2013 and it's continued until now and it's still going strong. "If it isn't broken don't fix it." If you were actually in a position where you have nothing else to do but a non-existent endgame you'd realize how futile it would be. Release it with how strong some of the playerbase is? They blast through it and complain about no challenge. Add some new mechanic so everyone's on even footing? People whine about new grind. They cannot please everyone no matter what they do. If you're that bothered by the lack of endgame in Warframe then maybe the game isn't for you.
  4. --Q--Stryker

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    Closed Beta started in October of 2012, won't hit 6 years until then technically.
  5. --Q--Stryker

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    It's not meant to be a challenge, did you not read what I wrote? DE doesn't want people running missions so enemies can be strong enough to be an actual challenge. They've stated they want the game to be a pick up and play title where you play for a bit, and come back later.
  6. --Q--Stryker

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    You've got to understand that: 1. Not everyone hates grind 2. Warframe is a F2P game that survives on grind You either invest the time to grind and keep playing, or spend money to get it directly. It's worked for 5 years and it's gonna keep working. And DE has lately been trying their damnedest to prevent long runs, like how most squads are basically forced out after 8 waves in ESO. If they don't want players running one mission for hours what endgame could they make that would ever satisfy you?
  7. --Q--Stryker

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    Outside of adding a new damage type, any new enemy would need an invuln phase to not be wiped out like any other unit.
  8. --Q--Stryker

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    He's just gonna cherrypick anything you say that could be interpreted to continue his argument.
  9. --Q--Stryker

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    Players have gotten too strong for DE to implement any "endgame" without adding some new layer of grind so they don't blaze through it like everything else.
  10. --Q--Stryker

    Infested Zaw Weapons Returning?

    He meant it returned once.
  11. --Q--Stryker

    TennoCon in 1 Image

    And also a melee overhaul is on the way.
  12. --Q--Stryker

    TennoCon in 1 Image

    They tried that the beginning of this year. People b!tched about no new content for months. It's a double-edged sword.
  13. Outside of support (highly unlikely they would) transferring them, there's no way to do that.
  14. --Q--Stryker

    Xbox Play Anywhere

    You literally just contradicted yourself. You say a PC is not needed but then say if your Xbox breaks you can jump right on your PC and continue playing those games. So you do need both. Xbox Play Anywhere has been around since 2016. If they had honestly wanted to do it, they would have done so already. If an average consumer can see how it wouldn't benefit them financially I'm sure a company would see the same thing. What you're asking for is the ability to pick up your Xbox progress and play on PC with other Xbox players, then go back to Xbox with no progress lost. You're literally asking for crossplay with extra steps.
  15. --Q--Stryker

    Xbox Play Anywhere

    So who'd do the port? DE probably wouldn't since they have all the stuff they just announced on their plate and they handed off the Switch port to Panic Button. The effort/cost needed wouldn't be worth what they'd gain from it since it'd be limited to players who have an Xbox and a Windows 10 PC.