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  1. --Q--Stryker

    So I decided to do a dumb thing...

    Well when you slap him with an Arch-gun with He doesn't last long lol
  2. --Q--Stryker

    So I decided to do a dumb thing...

    Depends on how many people you can find who are running it + how fast you can kill Jordas. A usual run for me takes ~3 minutes.
  3. --Q--Stryker

    Where are you from tenno?

  4. --Q--Stryker

    Prime Tenno Suit Relics

    The collar grants +10 Health/Shields and +100 Armor, so it's not just cosmetic. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Kavasa_Prime_Collar
  5. --Q--Stryker

    So I decided to do a dumb thing...

    So can we start a "Beat up Jordas a lot" club?
  6. --Q--Stryker

    how many players can play together?

    Relays are 50, I'd assume to same for Cetus
  7. --Q--Stryker

    Broken scepter

    If it wasn't maxed out Support can probably restore it, but if it was maxed you're SOL unless DE adds a way to rebuy/build it.
  8. --Q--Stryker

    Possible Bare Bones Warframe

    This really isn't needed since all it will do is create another "meta" that people will abandon other frames for just like with weapons/etc. in other content.
  9. --Q--Stryker

    First Person Mode.

    Considering how hard the thread derailed the GIF is fitting lol
  10. --Q--Stryker


    This isn't a matter of blindly following the Dev's every word. They've stated the ship we're in in between missions =/= our Landing Craft of choice. A long time ago they even had a basic animation of a Liset docking with said Orbiter on a Devstream. Maybe one day they'll redo the appearance of the ship interior to match each ship, or replace the landing craft for something else entirely, like the upcoming Railjack. Until then, it's not a big enough deal to make a fuss over.
  11. --Q--Stryker


  12. --Q--Stryker


    Gameplay mechanics to see your squad + makes Liset fashion not pointless. Also they probably just haven't had the time to rig up a full 3D model of Plus, depending on the scale of the ship it'd currently be a lot of empty space anyway.
  13. --Q--Stryker

    I hope we never get Chroma Prime.

    That's the biggest lore asspull I've ever seen.
  14. --Q--Stryker

    First Person Mode.

    I could see a flat health/shield/armor buff being nice to make up for the smaller line of sight/mobility. I don't see this going well considering Volt. This would be the best way to do it if they implemented it, but I think it all depends on what DE's engine is capable of. If it had to be completely rebuilt to support it, I don't see them putting in that much effort to add it.
  15. --Q--Stryker

    First Person Mode.

    Disregarding the whole "muh motion sickness!1!!1" argument, one of Warframe's strongest points that set it apart from other games is the movement system. Taking that away would make some parts nigh unplayable. Oh, need to bullet jump to a high place like the Agility Drift test? Guess what, you're SOL because you can't bullet jump while in first person mode (I cannot imagine how horrible the nausea would be). Switching back and forth would ruin you're so called "immersion", plus who knows if DE's engine can even handle a first person camera without being rebuilt from the ground up. What if you get mobbed by enemies you can't see behind you since they spawn in hordes? Please tell me what possible buff that wouldn't be ungodly OP would make up for being about as mobile as the Grineer and Corpus we mindlessly slaughter. If I wanted to play an FPS sci-fi shooter I'd go play the crapfest they call Destiny.