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  1. --Q--Stryker

    No anniversary Weapons in 2019?

    TBF when I posted it on PC it was fine. Now that I see it on mobile it's small AF lol
  2. --Q--Stryker

    No anniversary Weapons in 2019?

    Hasn't started yet.
  3. --Q--Stryker

    Expand Riven Mod Max Capacity

    Neither do I but based on DE's reasoning for a Riven cap, it's much more than other items. You forget that when people build new Warframes or weapons, they're all exactly the same. No one is gonna magically build a Soma with a higher base status chance, or a Rhino with more armor. It pulls the info for said item from the server and you have your item. With Rivens, they'd have to store each individual randomized one for every player. I'm not gonna comment on how changing colors/mods might make a difference since that doesn't have anything to do with the storage space Rivens take up. Sounds more like willful ignorance of the workload that DE doesn't need to make that happen.
  4. --Q--Stryker

    Expand Riven Mod Max Capacity

    You do realize to do that, DE would have to allocate the space for (1x player base count) new Riven slots in their servers, every single time they add a new weapon that qualifies for a Riven. That sounds like a rather ridiculous thing to have to do instead of leaving the cap as-is.
  5. --Q--Stryker


    There is no way to transfer your account progress from console(s) to PC.
  6. --Q--Stryker

    I just thought of the best weapon idea

    Sounds familiar...
  7. --Q--Stryker

    Cant equip firestorm on simulor

  8. --Q--Stryker

    Bloodshed Sigil's Drop Rate...

    If it had a reasonable drop rate, people wouldn't be incentivized to buy the bundle and get it right away. They use the same tactic for other rare items.
  9. --Q--Stryker

    Riven Mod

    It is entirely random. There is no way to guarantee it.
  10. 1. Zephyr 2. Jat Kusar 3. Silva & Aegis Those three are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  11. They already "broke their pattern" once with Gara then Khora, so it's not surprising that they're doing it again.
  12. --Q--Stryker

    Warframe account suspended

    Nobody here can do anything on the forums, I'm afraid. You'll just have to wait for a response. Making additional tickets just bumps you back to the bottom of the pile from what I've heard.
  13. --Q--Stryker

    Buff Prime Vigor?

    It doesn't need a buff. You're trading less health/shields for the buff being in one mod slot. If it was close to or on par with Vitality/Redirection it would render those mods obsolete.
  14. --Q--Stryker

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    Probably because those of us who are aware are also aware that: 1. The deal was 3 years ago, and the game has been fine since. 2. Said deal allowed them to publish Warframe in China. 3. "Leyou has indeed acquired Digital Extremes, but has only acquired 100% of the Canadian studios’ ‘B-shares,’ which do not grant Leyou voting rights." https://games.mxdwn.com/news/leyou-technologies-holdings-purchases-digital-extremes-creators-of-warframe/