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  1. That's at least a silverray in the right direction. Thanks for your contribution!
  2. True that. Main reason I don't step deeper into the forum and just ask. In general I'm just curious about the myriad of bugs and the current status of them. Not too keen on getting back into the game if all that's waiting for me is an entire mountain range of bugs from rushed updates.
  3. So, YouTube decided to randomly recommend 'We all lift together' and simultaneously reminded me that Warframe exists. But that also reminded me of the unplayable S#&$show of bugs that was Operation: Scarlet Spear, the point where I had enough of bugs and the empty promise of soon™ Anyway, as I am considering to get back into the game I'm curious what active players think: Was Warframe able to deliver on the promise or is DE still rushing updates without any intention to actually deliver quality, adding more and more bugs to the pile? And Deimos. It s
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