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  1. Of course it's forced. Apparently not many people were or still are much into mechframe so of course DE is going to force us into it.
  2. It would amuse me how the linked thread was closed but the problem still exists. But I'm starting to get tired of all the bugs again already.
  3. Same problem here. But then again, that's what we get for letting a ...thing like EGS into our PCs cuz it promised shinies. Edit: Even after removing EGS, Warframe, cleaning up all remains and reinstalling the game via Steam it still tries to force a launch via EGS...😒
  4. Well, at least that eased my nerves a bit. Still, gonna wait till the booster went away and leave the support request open Thanks though!
  5. Sooo... No random ban hammer? And yeah, I was in the Strata Relay at that time.
  6. Here I am, back to the grind... I mean, Warframe and while browsing Simaris' store in case there is new stuff available I received the notification that redacted (get it? cuz no naming and shaming) gifted me a credit booster. No mail, no chat message. Just a very short pop-up informing me. So I'm not even 100% sure about the name of the player, given how long it took me to process what just happened. Anyway, I went and checked my settings regarding 'Receive gifts from...' And lo and behold, it was still set to 'nobody'. As it was since the day I came across the informatio
  7. That's at least a silverray in the right direction. Thanks for your contribution!
  8. True that. Main reason I don't step deeper into the forum and just ask. In general I'm just curious about the myriad of bugs and the current status of them. Not too keen on getting back into the game if all that's waiting for me is an entire mountain range of bugs from rushed updates.
  9. So, YouTube decided to randomly recommend 'We all lift together' and simultaneously reminded me that Warframe exists. But that also reminded me of the unplayable S#&$show of bugs that was Operation: Scarlet Spear, the point where I had enough of bugs and the empty promise of soon™ Anyway, as I am considering to get back into the game I'm curious what active players think: Was Warframe able to deliver on the promise or is DE still rushing updates without any intention to actually deliver quality, adding more and more bugs to the pile? And Deimos. It s
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