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  1. Yeah that's completely fine. tbh If the coversation continued the next comment I was going to make was a comment to end the conversation because I think I made my point.
  2. ah I see. And that is a fair point but sometimes stuff like wikipedia for example bundle ogres as apart of Oni as well. And they don't have to base it off purely one myth either, they've mixed themes before. and that's fine just saying they have the same name was one of the things you pointed out to which I argued with that. You make it sound like the forums is the only place they'd get ideas, like as if this is the only place they can get these ideas? a wormhole underneath? where would they get that from? Gluttony, Kirby, but they have to make it fit Warframe's aesthetic so I still wouldn't say it's copying. and yes I established that, saying that maybe so the concept was original in the forums but outside was nothing original, it's not illogical to think they got this idea outside the forums. People asked for a dragon warframe and so they got a dragon warframe, a Dragon was a theme, Chroma is not similar to Dragon, I seem to recall even the creator Endrian said that. One is Plasma and the other is Elemental (based on energy color which was not based on Dragon and his element). Zephyr was credited, having no public announcement doesn't mean they weren't recognized, the creator had solid proof that he was credited because they rewarded him. Zephyr was credited as much as the Mios and that should be fine.
  3. And yes I get that. I'm not saying it's certainly not gonna be yours but considering by expected you gotta think what alternate abilities could come out of the void stomach theme and also what if by chance they could be pulling from the same myth you were instead of your concept directly Like say the name Oni, one thing is you say they have the same name but Oni wasn't just a name you made up right? it was based off the myths. The name of your warframe is named Oni whereas DE used Oni to refer to their CONCEPT/THEME not the name of the warframe (similar to how Revenant would be vampire) so I would not say same name as they have not even announced the name of the frame, Oni just means it's based off a demon and with the concept, a gluttonous one. Basic description - I mean how else would you describe a gluttony warframe? weapon - well I mean based on your concept, yours is a heavy blade cleaver style sword whereas theirs is a club that rotates. Design features - It looks like it's supposed to be inspired by an Oni hence the theme Oni Warframe. and I mean a stomach mouth isn't an out-of-this-world design feature considering fictional characters have had it before. And yes I know you're doing this out of good intention and I'm not saying it can't be yours, just that you could be misunderstanding something, stuff like the gluttony concept isn't particularly an original concept, maybe so in the warframe forums but outside of it' it's been exploited before.
  4. Okay then. but if it's like two abilities similar, this won't confirm it is yours right? I mean if it is far too similar then fine you can criticize but Just making sure you're not considering what could be coincidence.
  5. Zephyr is quite old so 'anymore' it would make sense people wouldn't know at this point. and Zephyr did receive credit, it just doesn't go beyond those in the forums. the creators of these concepts still got rewarded. But i'm sorry if you will only be satisfied by a public announcement if it was yours, we know Zephyr's creator seemed to be fine with just the reward. Edit: also some people did make a fair point, considering we have myths and such which is likely what you're basing on right? and also a very popular character like Kirby holding an eating ability (and also Upchuck if people ever knew Ben 10), we couldn't just pinpoint that it is likely your concept. It can still depend just how expected are your abilities to this kind of concept.
  6. It would sting to have your concept stolen but as AxRollxOfxTape said in the reddit post, we aren't too sure if it came from his concept or not. In other words it is implication, it could very well be coincidence as much as it is taken. Also you gus make it sound like DE hasn't acknowledged people's work for contribution to the game. If people are known to contribute to the game then they are as far as it seems, rewarded when it gets in-game.
  7. Chroma was not really stolen, people asked for a Dragon warframe so that's what they came up with. Don't think that just because they're both dragons.
  8. One thing i'd want to see for this index is for it to be fixed little by little as the spoilers are open And damn I archived my index because I thought this one would become active once again.
  9. One thing I'd want to see for this index is for it to be fixed little by little as the spoilers are open just so I know it's still active, I know it's being worked on to be better but I think my worry was because it's been a year since it was last updated.
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