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  1. So what I'd recommend is going to "games and add-ons" for warframe going to "Saved Data," and clearing the Reserved Space (around 4gb) off of your HD. As you launch warframe again, it will cause you to download all of the new saved data and hopefully not have a corrupted save file like I apparently had. I just figured out this fix, so I hope it works for you.
  2. Will I actually be able to play the game? It keeps telling me to [Update to the newest version of warfame] after every mission I play. I've installed and reinstalled this game no less than 5 times at this point. And I'm only able to play the game LITERALLY 10 mins at a time. P L E A S E H E L P.
  3. Yes, I've even reinstalled the game, factory reset my console, and tried updating from the store itself. Literally nothing works. At this point, I can play roughly 1 mission, and then have to exit the game to "update," it lets me log back in. And repeat. I've submitted a ticket (No responses) and am honestly giving up this game. It's not worth the constant frustration of having to play the game LITERALLY 10 mins at a time.
  4. I've seen another post about this problem, when I sign in it lets me play for about 5 -10mins before kicking me out of navigation saying I need to "update the newest version of warframe." I've deleted and reinstalled the game no less than 4 times, cleared my caches, and tried every possible fix on my end. It's started happening around the Saint of Altra update and has progressively gotten worse. How am I supposed to play this game 10 mins or less at a time? DE HALP
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