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  1. pepsi-tan

    Warframe Builder

    I would gladly turn off adblock for warframe builder, in fact I turn off adblock on many sites that explicitly ask me to do so, if I find their site to be valuable. The problem is that the ads on warframe builder fight for my attention, and that thoroughly decreases the value I'm getting from the site. Anything that pops up, anything that animates or makes sound, and you've lost me.
  2. pepsi-tan

    Tonkor Nerf Nessecary

    Two shots per mag, and short shot distance, you're likely to miss and land a shot right between your enemy's legs. It's a weapon that requires skill and 5 forma to get up to its full potential. It's fine where it is. Also, why aren't you complaining that there's no friendly fire in this game? Or that the Torid doesn't damage you? Or that jumping into lava doesn't perma-kill your frame?
  3. your excitement is misplaced, as are DE's priorities.
  4. The way I see elementals is they shouldn't add flat damage but change % of damage into elemental. So say your gun does 100 physical damage ( be it 60 from slash, 30 from puncture, and 10 from impact) and you slap that malignant force on it. Instead of +60% toxic damage that would bring you up to 160 damage, of which 60 is toxic... it would change 60% of the damage to toxic and still do a total of 100 damage, but now 24 of it is from slash, 12 puncture, and 4 from impact, and 60 from toxic. Status chance probably remain how it is..
  5. >excited about multishot nerf because it frees up slot for other builds >completely oblivious to the core of the problem called "serration"
  6. pepsi-tan

    Thanks For Synoid Simulor :)

    Does it have a larger blast radius because that's the main problem of the original. Aside from unbelievably low damage..
  7. Implying survival was ever fun
  8. >thinks efficiency is problematic >thinks his own experiences dictate everyone else's experiences
  9. Except.. no? People are asking where is the fastest place to level gear, and the answer is Draco, and this is a problem somehow? It's not "the only way to play the game" it's simply the more efficient place to level. Have you never played an MMO before? Do you seriously not understand how grinding works? Grinding is not a feature, no matter how many bells and whistles you glue onto it.
  10. Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe grinding levels isn't what's fun in this game? And that instead of playing with a fully ranked frame/weapon because then its full potential as at the players' hands? That maybe "power leveling" isn't the problem, but that players don't care about the leveling process at all? You clearly haven't because you think everyone should play this game just like you do.
  11. pepsi-tan

    July 17Th: Community Hot Topics!

    My time spent in the void farming a specific prime part is not worth a mere 10 ducats a forma. Sure make them tradable but they should still be removed from rotation C.
  12. pepsi-tan

    Warframe Builder

    Tonkor is showing inaccurate stats, 114.38 puncture damage and 540 ammo. It has just 75 puncture and 325 blast, and just 40 ammo.
  13. pepsi-tan

    Eyes Of Blight Progress?

    For more surprising news, we'll return at 11 to talk about how the sun had risen again this morning.
  14. pepsi-tan

    Update 15.10.0

    Can we maybe stop it with new weapons that require two other weapons? Unless they become actually feasible to use and not just level and place in the closet?