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  1. Could make him not able to equip the type of weapon you currently have equipt while toggling the ability.
  2. With my idea, you can still tap ability 1 on an enemy to deal 2x damage. Swapping could be done when an enemy is not in your crosshairs.
  3. So why when I hold primary does he hold primary? Even when I swap to secondary, he still holds primary.
  4. Not really sure where to post this... lol. So Ive been using Wukong for awhile now and I love his rework. But, he seems to randomly choose what weapon he uses. My idea is to make his 1 like Ivaras. Where tapping the ability will cycle between primary, secondary, and melee while holding it removes the twin like it does now. Just a thought, thanks for reading! Hopefully DE sees this.
  5. Yeah, very true. Though a mission of this sort would be hella fun if was fair to all members of the squad.
  6. Anyone else think DE should make the Tactical Alert objective an actual mission?
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