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  1. Why are you doing this? These waitwalls are fun-killing terrible design and you only care about enforcing them instead of fixing the gameplay. Everyone hates MD and drone parts because they are boring mandatory waitwalls and you dont even allow to speed them up with creativity and skill. You should've re-designed this event - you had several years to do it - remove the waitwalls, add actual gameplay parts, even fighting the boss 2 times would've been far more interesting.
  2. Thats why CONVERSION is the metric for f2p games - make them interested, make them stay, "convert" them into regular players who are likely to spend money. Player retention is absolutely crucial and where DE fails on both ends (WF still has very good conversion rate vs most f2p garbage and remains profitable but fails to grow despite all the effort and the content being constantly added)
  3. Once you explain it to people they stop getting killed by them. Its just non-intuitive that you are supposed or even can 'kill' environmental hazards. Most player never learn it or that you can shoot anomalies in sorties too.
  4. The progression is bad because its tied to RNG mod drops. New players don't know what drops where or how it even works - everyone thinks levels matter, yet they mean nothing on the weapons without mods. (It's supposed to be better now, but last time I ran a fresh account like 3 years ago I couldn't get Serration to drop till final planets dozens of hours in and I beat starchart with the broken one). At least you get elemental mods easily now, but still its never explained. Make a quest with clear directions that step by step drill it to players to farm mods, upgrade them with endo and put on their weapons. Give directions where to farm "hey tenno there are some cool mods for your gun hidden in those spy vaults - you should raid them!" - its that simple. Thats what any competent developer would do. But DE spends millions on fluff with full voice-overs yet cant make anything related to actual gameplay and progression. The complete opaqueness is what prevents WF from mainstream success. XP gaining system in WF is one of the worst - unintuitive and very badly designed and it's never explained. I bet you even most at DE dont understand or remember how it works and why you need to unequip weapons and leach to level them up quicker. Needs rework, needs to be transparent, new players need to be told to use stealth bonus and spy for quick solo leveling etc. Give more bonus XP for first time node-completion to help newbs. Hijack missions only seem hard cause you never learn to use your abilities. They could do a dedicated mission for every starting frame to get players to use and understand frame abilities. Old bosses... just forget it, they are bad and DE wont remake them. At least they remade Jackal.
  5. Whats the point? Powercreep made SP into easy mode already, they are no different than normal starchart, same old boring stuff if you have proper gear. I wold say that we need more interesting challenging missions but its DE - they cant balance anything so its pointless to even mention. You can shoot them to remove them.
  6. Warframe needs a better UI to manage our bloated inventory, something like sorting items that you use separately, or a personal 'vault' where you could move the things you dont want to use and see clutter the arsenal - then you wouldnt need to sell it and sweat about it and could easily free up your screen from the clutter and save loading time/memory too.
  7. Whats wrong with you? Why do you argue against improving the game? The map is universally disliked and objectively bad because of its layout and pathing issues, its not a "personal experience" its objective fact. Do you really love to waste time waiting for mobs instead of playing in already time-gated mode? then just play Slow Nova in defense, but dont argue against fixing the issue with a badly designed most boring map (not that your opinion matters but its still baffling how people try to sabotage any feedback on games issues just to argue)
  8. Still no fix for Accolytes Steel path spawn - 10 minutes and nothig, please fix, its already a timewall and you make it unreliable.
  9. Instead of balancing anything DE overbuffed already OP AOE weapons making the divide even worse and further reducing gameplay to the brainless AOE spam.
  10. Maybe time to buff these long-outdated weapons at least? Otherwise you are selling rotten goods to your players.
  11. Didn't you watch the 10-o con stream? They just dont spend time on reworking or improving old content since they dont think it matters or makes people play more, they are focused on making new stuff. And frankly you cant blame them for ignoring feedback - thousands of people all wanting different things, plenty of posts are just noise and bickering... no one even has time to read it, community managers might give them selected feedback or summary for a week something like "everyone thinks Yarelly is too weak and that holokeys take too long to farm" without any details, so there you go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Even the official mega-feedback threads are pure formalities since most of the problems posted there get ignored - you can look at what got changed to the recent frames, ei Lavos only had few tweaks and improvements (like ult targeting being the significant one) but his major fundamental problems that everyone agreed on, with painful controls, elements, incompatibility with Helmint etc - all got ignored. Deimos took A LOT of hammering the same complaints with dozens of threads being angry about the same issues before DE acknowledged them and changed things (ie mandatory animal capture that was broken on release and vault bountes timegating and bugs)
  12. DE just said they dont care to rework frames because it doesnt bring more players
  13. Wukong is a built-in cheat bot that auto-plays the game, how is DE so shortsighted to make this? Of course bots are bad for a multiplayer game because they diminish player involvement and promote AFK exploiting and destroy gameplay for everyone (no one cares if you use cheats in single player, but in multiplayer it can ruin the game for everyone). Wukiong is a great frame with 4 lives and lots of utility and fun fast movement even without it, the bot should not taint it. Wukog clone should be remade into an active ability that only attacks on command.
  14. Ive played lots of kdrive, maxed every board and cleared kids shop and its still not even half... Im not going to grind it more for nothing, rather play something else.
  15. Breach surge or Harrow chains? I dont helmint much, its super redundant.
  16. Its not even hand-holding, most things you just cant learn from the game itself - you might stumble into them randomly but considering how vast WF has become you might never do. There is no direction whatsoever and WF is unplayable without wiki. And its not just for new players - returning old players will not find some of the new content without others telling them. You open the game as see the same dull navigation screen which may seem like there is still nothing to do. Thats why WF cant grow playerbase. DE burns millions on creating content that most people will not even find, because they cant string it all together and make it easily discoverable via the game itself.
  17. It's kinda funny but also very anti-coop, back in the days when Sorties were worth the time I simply avoided pubbing rad ones - cause the would easily fail with players insta-killing objectives. Now you have 'open pvp' with rad liches where your team is the number one enemy so you better bring unkillable frame... or again just solo. They should make it so that rad-proc protection also makes you unaffected by friendly fire and only those who are procced themselves can take damage.
  18. Pretty much all spot on, but DE still makes a disjointed mess with no direction and everything requires you to read wiki to even know where things are - jump back into the game after year absence and you will struggle to find the new things and how they work. At best you get a tiny message in the corner of your screen or inbox one. DE spends lots of time and money on content and then hides it away so well that majority of players wont even find it without thrd-party guidance. There is just no hope.
  19. Come on, why are you punishing solo players? Only a single key? You know well that some people cant even play co-op due to technical problems and solo is already massively unrewarding in general... And then liches take quite a long while so its not a viable farming method either. And with Void Storms droprate chance is the issue - its not even close to 37%, Ive got nothing out of 10+ Veil runs, zero holokeys. And then only some overall from way over 20 runs, making it less than 20% - something is bugged in your droptables, please double-check. And in the end everyone hates Holokeys farm because the missions themselves are not fun - no matter the rewards. You notice how no one cares what they get? rad relics, prime parts, tokens to buy new weapons, endo... the rewards are not bad - yet everyone is still unhappy and dont enjoy doing Void storms - because the missions themselves are bad, its too much traversing and jumping in and out, its not fun at all, even people who liked doing RJ dont like it either because RJ became just time-padding towards the ground missions... Im not your gamedesigner to offer you a solution but the problem is pretty clear.
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