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  1. Will synth scanner add a new noise when something you haven't scanned is present? A way to increase synth scanner scan range because trying to find hidden things like Jupiter or orb vallis can be tiresome to go meticulously through, yes there is Helios but you still need to be in reasonable range and not moving to fast.
  2. Will there ever be more 9 point aura mods instead of steel charge aura?
  3. Didn't receive the drop and on mixer after watching random streamers I didn't get rewarded but I do have the syandana when you link it
  4. Please add a new tile or map for the special nightwave bosses instead of the same boss rooms as other bosses (Wolf using Sargas Ruk) Saw some trying to bypass the lockdown in tactical alert with the liset support charge despite it trying to enforce killing enemies on the way to wolf (they trying to farm more quicker and trying to pass the fake wolf spawns like vey hek where you can skip) My challenge suggestions, I'm going for quick or new/mid player issues to try help them learn from the game or obtain mods instead of getting frustrated that they're max rank and the game benefits lvl very little(as opposed to other rpgs) since its a small increase of health or energy etc and its mainly by the installation of mods to be stronger: -Farm X amount of common resource (like poly or spores etc) -complete a challenge room in the void -Turn in an ayatan sculpture or x amount of stars or full sculpture to Maroo -Summon clem in a mission -Scan certain plants -complete x amount of certain archwing mission (gotta prep for Empyrean) -said something on region or recruit or trade chat -travel low amount with K-drive -defeat grineer manic at defection -play a dark sector survival for 30 mins or dark sector defense -defeat any tusk thumper -perform x amount of stealth kills Vets: -beat an extermination under x time -use archgun in mission and get x amount kills -beat x round(s) at infested salvage solo without losing a vaporizer -go with all dragon keys in a assassination
  5. So, is it okay that I question some of the RNG as a 5718 hours played user? I've noticed you add an alternative method like Doma thumper vs fishing or gathering sentrium or exploiter dropping rare fish components and resource, which is nice. Sortie has been out how long? Haven't scored a legendary core. Kinetic diversion drops from 1 of 3 commanders in plains, can't seem to get. Cyclone kraken, nope. Infectious injection, comet blast still trying. Haven't done much farming for the archwing mods in profit bounties but sounds like sabot is just as rare as I'm having issue with the ones I've listed. Elite Sanctuary? Had to stop using Chroma Prime and used Saryn Prime for the meta and was able to get to zone 7 but once again I'm being hampered by the mode from gaining rewards and if I do get rewarded its always a relic or scene, don't even have a 'peculiar mod'. Wolf finally showed up a few times on sunday/monday that recently passed but didn't drop bp and mask but some claim motor is the difficult rare, while most on warframe casual community post pics of mask or other difficult rare rewarded items. I feel like I'm on a rng wall or a rotation system that people are placed in, idk sorry if this is a meaningless rant, trying to get everything but I feel as if I'm being held back or the game fears I'll stop playing I assume each Nightwave series has a new ambush boss, will the next or future nightwave ambush boss have primed chamber or as a reward in the ranks?
  6. Since you're focusing on team revives in arbitration what about solo? Why make it a tower that needs charges instead of revive tokens(lives) that can be earned in an arcade kinda style or respawn timer and collect from enemies to boost respawn timer (like jailers from fortuna bounty) killing those hexis drones makes timer quicker. To me the true end game is Elite sanctuary onslaught, its quick and the timer thing keeps making me fail at zone 4 because I'm trying to use a non nuking frame because the changes and updates we are receiving are suppose to be ideal of balance and ability to do everything in any setting with any frame but with a 321% power chroma I can't seem to keep the timer up to get to zone 8 unless others are with me and I stop soloing everything.
  7. Mist frame looks like Eshe from Sundered was there inspiration from that game to make mist? Would you consider adding Redeemer and/or the prime, the ability to use with 1 handed pistol, as to the Glaive is able to be charged to throw whilst holding a pistol. I was thinking Gold charged will be the gunshot, blue charged is a short range knockdown shot. Since the Redeemer is small enough to wield side by side. Pease add an eyebrow/lash color option, don't like how the main hair color controls my operators eyebrow and eyelash color. New PS4 update has made controller sensitivity input wonky, when using rotate on dojo decoration it will auto spin, hard to maintain, aiming is also affected, need to hard press and sometimes lose aiming during sniper shots. I used two different controllers.
  8. For me the issue with new was making in options that context action is reload as well as I wanted to keep inspect, thus opening or reviving to early ends up triggering reload animation and kinda gets in the way, I know there is the /profile user option but quick press was better. R1 needs to be more than an ability menu, looks weird that you can use pad for powers yet have button access to same powers, changed my pads to gear hotkey 1 - 4 and placed restores, the new gear menu makes it weird to reselect a trap or camera twice, always have to spin similar to an old dial phone, the 5 being show map like how other games use it and put focus in ability menu, use reverse camera option for where focus was on d-pad because I've had moments where it helped but I've also wanted more hotkey or place reload somewhere lol
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