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  1. Ok, so I need better clarification: are the relics for Titania Prime available on PS4? Or is it only still available via Prime access in the marketplace... I've been farming for days now and haven't gotten a single relic yet.
  2. Why not make the drop rate for Shedu parts higher? I've done countless missions and still haven't gotten anything . And unless I've missed it, is there no update to fix the capacity for components and armaments? It's not right that we can only get 2 slots before we're being told to pay for more. Why work so hard to get better items for the railjack when we're not allowed to keep or use them?
  3. How about fixing all the railjack issues; the glitches during missions, the ridiculous inventory problem when trying to acquire new parts (guns, reactors, engines, etc), or the ridiculous lack of the ability to scrap unwanted wreckage or parts, just to name a few? What's the point in going through this tedious grind to get the best items when we're not allowed to use or keep them?
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