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  1. Transference In brings me back to where I did transference out. Does not affect normal Excalibur. Happens also on open world missions.
  2. I hope they make the daily alerts in to hourly like the kuva alerts. Plus consistent acolyte spawn rate would fix this. Not complaining wholly on the alert, just the reward. Too low imo
  3. 5mins is not a guarantee though. Didn't spawn in excavation and rescue and we deliberately stalled for it to spawn.
  4. You can get guaranteed 3 per mission and another 2 (4 with boosters) if an acolyte spawns. That's 7 per mission x 5 missions =35 per day. 35SE x 7 days = 245 per week. IF...an acolyte spawns every missions and today out of 5 missions the acolyte only spawned once. So I only got 19 today. If that is going to be the average then its going to be a hell of a grind. I get an average of 150-200SE (with boosters) everyday for 2 hours of farming with the previous method. So yeah, the previous method was preferred.
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