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  1. Ok, this is ridiculous : After finally taking some time to level up ranks with VentKids, I got the +30% k-drive speed. Now I got the basic speed faster than boost speed. Why not make boost a percentage of basic speed?
  2. Yes, I confirm I got a new forma. Also, my zaw does massive damage, so I simply did ESO to area 9 and got from 0 to 30 in one go, so not really much problems.
  3. Huzzah, the fix for zaws seems to be live. Gonna check that immediately
  4. So, do we all have to make a ticket or will they use a script and automatically compensate all the players that have that happened to them?
  5. Apparently a fix is coming somewhere in the future....
  6. Zaw sounds? I DON'T CARE ABOUT ZAW SOUNDS. Fix the damn polarity vanishing act.
  7. This is not limited to kitguns. Get downed and have a teammate revive you while standing in front of you. You can't kill enemies behind them, because the camera doesn't see them. Stupid. Edit : I know that teammates block projectiles, but some of them have aoe and other effects that can reach enemies around, and they still don't work.
  8. Still no fix for losing polarities on zaws?
  9. With enough whining they will take notice, like they did in the past. Otherwise they don't care.
  10. This needs urgent patching
  11. I was formatting my plague zaw, and when I was done, I swapped a defensive polarity to get wanted elemental statuses, but then I saw my stance polarity was lost somehow. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. I WANT MY POLARITY BACK.
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