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  1. Yes, I confirm I got a new forma. Also, my zaw does massive damage, so I simply did ESO to area 9 and got from 0 to 30 in one go, so not really much problems.
  2. Well, thanks for that thorough explanation. But i don't understand why Physical damage mods are treated the same as elemental damage mods, separately from serration and heavy caliber, even though serration and heavy caliber do the same.
  3. Hello, while i was making my Paris prime build, i noticed something that might be a bug : Take a max ranked Paris prime, fully ranked Serration, Heavy Caliber and Piercing Caliber. Add Heavy Caliber, Piercing damage goes from 160 to 424 Remove Heavy Caliber, add Piercing Caliber, Piercing Damage goes to 352 Remove Piercing Caliber, add Serration, then Heavy Caliber. Piercing damage goes to 688 Remove Heavy Caliber, add Piercing Caliber, Piercing damage goes to 932.8. Now, unless i'm calculating it wrong, Serration + Heavy Caliber (165% + 165%) s
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