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  1. Well, you may use the sarcastic tone here, but I've seen this pattern repeat all the time. Wow, destiny, CoD. The best have fallen to it, do you really think Warframe will avoid it?
  2. Already did that. But given how previous nerfs went, DE is not listening. Also I tried to provide feedback by using the Tickets system, but I think DE blacklisted the word Catchmoon because no new tickets were created.
  3. The grind is a problem, but to me, the bigger problem is that even though I went trough the grind, what do I get to show for? Nothing, that is what.
  4. There is one easy solution to see how people would view any and all changes : polls. Just make a poll about a big decision and see how people react. Then DE could see what is the majority vote for sure instead of basing their decisions on useless data.
  5. Given your reputation and number of posts, I think you can't understand my point of view. You spent too much time on forums or the game. As I said, i'm a CASUAL player, my time spent in the game doesn't have the same value as yours. I spend 1-2 hours in the game on week days if I am not too tired after work, a few more hours on the week end if I don't have anything else planned. Spending hours to get a weapon is equivalent to weeks of work, compared to someone that plays 6-8 hours per day that can get said weapon in under a week. IT IS NOT THE SAME. Thus the frustration and loss of motivation. while elites get the new content fast and consume it fast, casual players take weeks to get new content, and even longer to consume it. I used Catchmoon almost exclusively since I got it, but the amount of time I used it is a fraction of the time that people that spend all their time inside the game have with it.
  6. That is because DE never took the time to actually solve the problem. They were sweeping that under the rug till now. Well the rug looks like a mountain now and everyone can see it, it's time to clean it up.
  7. Why do YOU care? If you don't like Catchmoon, use one of the other weapons, you are not FORCED to use it. Meanwhile WE ARE forced to accept the nerfs. Also, DO NOT talk about other's preferences. You ARE NOT other players, so you have no right to assume what other players would like.
  8. So I woke up an hour ago, saw the update was live, downloaded it and launched the game. Got new UI for the arsenal, nice. Read patchnotes, needed to play a mission to get a feel. Launched a mission, using catchmoon, couldn't kill a mob that was in a corner of a small room because of new falloff. Welp... Closed the game, launched another game. I've been playing Warframe since open beta, when founder packs was available. Every new big update, I was playing Warframe for new content. Today i'm not. It's gotten to the point where I don't care anymore. Why? I spent hours working up faction reputations and ranks. Hours farming weapon parts. If you went the casual route, you know how painful this is : - Open world quests bug often - Open world PUGs do stupid things failing quests - Hosts leaving for whatever reason Once you get the parts and build the weapon, farming affinity and formatting. Then DE rolls in and say to your face : We don't like you using the weapon you worked hard for, so we will kill it. Now here is what i'm thinking : why should I farm ANY gear? If DE can just destroy the efforts I put into getting a weapon I like for some contextless data reading without even asking me about it first, why should I even play this game? I don't feel like putting any more effort into this. Grendel? They will nerf it when they see players enjoying it a bit too much. Kuva leeches? They will put limitations because players will obviously aim for their weapons and kill them outright, which is not what DE wants obviously. Otherwise they wouldn't have put in the possibility of allying with them. DE obviously has no idea what players want or need to enjoy the game, and this makes it not ok with me. As of now, in my opinion, the game is catering to the most vocal players which are either the most elitist or the trolliest players of the community, distorting DE's view of their player base. As such, I don't think this game will continue being fun for long and will only decline, like many other games before it. For me the game is not fun anymore, which is why i'm ignoring the update and playing another game instead. WAKE UP DE.
  9. Well, unfortunately, DE seems to only understand money talks now. So the only thing we can do is stop giving them money. EA recently came crying to players because they weren't making enough money with the absurdly idiotic decisions they were making, ignoring players. Maybe DE will too.
  10. I actually thought so years back, when the nerfing began, but since I don't have the habit of vocalizing it, I stayed away from it. Now I think maybe people that think like me should voice their concerns, because otherwise only the vocal parties are heard, the whiny ones. And we all know that what they ask for is bad for the game.
  11. I didn't say to not nerf Catchmoon. I DO prefer it like it is, but if a nerf is needed, i'd prefer a solution like you posted rather than remove the reason Catchmoon is so powerful : the long distance multi-killing. DE's solution is to simply kill off the weapon.
  12. Let me try to expose my reasoning for different weapon kinds and why/where I would use them. Let's assume we ignore ammo since we are using whatever mods/pets available for infinite ammo. Also, in this context, lower level missions is any mission with enemies up to level 45. Any properly modded weapon can obliterate enemies level 45 or lower. High level missions have enemies with level above 45. I test my weapons against heavy gunners level 160 or a combination of exos which stacks up their buffs and grow their ehp exponentially. Sniper rifles : high damage, single target. Most have low magazine ammo lowering dps because of reloads. Great against high ehp single targets such as bosses/tridolon and can mostly one/two shot normal enemies, but otherwise mostly useless since the rest are mission with hundreds or thousands or enemies. For max efficiency, one would need to align enemies in a straight line, which should not be that hard in a tunnel, but most of the missions ask for a run from one end to another of the map so it doesn't happen as much as it should for the weapon to be viable in those missions. Assault rifles : Low damage per bullet, but high fire rate. More of spray and pray weapon since their dps per clip is on average lower than sniper rifle but needs more bullets to kill a high level enemy. And with recoil it's hard to make every bullet hit a weak spot. Lots of wastage of bullets and time. Effective on lower level missions, very ineffective on high level missions since you spend a lot of time killing one heavy enemy while the rest are not being taken care of. What happens most of the time is while you are emptying a clip in an enemy, others will surround you as you don't have enough time to kill them all one by one. Viable in lower level missions, but often causes fails when used in high level missions without support of cc or aoe weapons. Launchers : great aoe area, ok dps, too dangerous because of self damage. Also some bosses and exo don't accept damage from aoe. In theory these should be the most used weapons, but most of the time what happens is that the horde of enemies gets too close to players and they self destruct. Thus there weapons are used either by the most dexterous players, or by those leveling said weapons. I used to run with Ogris first, then Penta, until I saw that my squad didn't like having to rez me every few minutes because a random enemy or a squad mate run in front of me causing me to get downed. Held weapons : High damage, single target, chained, or aoe, depending on weapon. These are not that bad. I've seen some op builds for Atomos and I use Ignis when I need high room clearance efficiency. I'm guessing Atomos is up for nerf next because it's easier to handle and mod. Probably the next 50% weapon. Still not enough efficiency compared to Catchmoon. I've seen people use a properly moded Atomos and they were wrecking everything in high level missions. Because I've found Catchmoon, I haven't used secondary held weapons, but since Catchmoon's demise seems unavoidable, this is probably the next weapon I will use. Bows : high damage, single target with possible pierce trough. Same as sniper rifles but silent. Great for assassination missions, or specific solo runs otherwise useless. I love to use Rakta Cernos with Ivara which ensures infinite energy and, thus, permanent invisibility. But I use it only on spy/assassination missions or solo survival. Shotguns : finally on this one. They have aoe like damage because of numerous pellets and the spread of said pellets. The have high damage and though less ammo per clip, more than a sniper rifle. They are the perfect mix of sniper rifle high damage and clip size of assault rifles. Because of the penetration and spread of the pellets, they have better aoe potential than any other weapon. You do need to aim properly for maximum efficiency, but you can also aim in the general direction of an enemy and be sure a few pellets will still hit the enemy. The spread varies from weapon to weapon, but most can cover and entrance entirely, thus denying passage to any enemy trying to get to you trough said entrance. Best distance as far as i'm concerned is 15-20 meters to allow for the spread to hit the maximum amount of enemies when facing a horde, or 4-8 meters when in close quarters. I'm not going to talk about melee weapons since that is out of context. I don't think I missed on a weapon type. Though I talked about primary weapons, the point here was to explain how I view weapons by type and why or where I would use them. As you can see, in my opinion, shotguns have the best overall efficiency. If DE removed self damage, i'd go back to launchers in a heartbeat since they are much more fun to use, but until then, shotguns all the way. PS : if you've read the text wall, thank you.
  13. Yes, that is what I said previously. They need to stop the "nerf all" mentality and start improving the other weapons so you don't get skewed data like they showed on the stream.
  14. Why would I use any weapon when I can just nuke a country or send an armada of deadly precise drones? Which is basically what the USA has done. That is just the reality of the things. You use the more convenient weapons to end a conflict. Catchmoon is a great weapon, if you don't like it because it becomes too easy, DON'T USE IT. DO NOT DRAG OTHERS DOWN WITH YOU.
  15. I'm at MR 27. Since MR 18, the only important bonus I got for next MR is 1 more gear capacity when installing mods (the rest are inconsequential for me). I've tested a lot of weapons, played all mission types till I got bored with them. At this point the only thing I want is playing with gear I like with the style I like to reduce the tediousness of the grind. I love catchmoon, as I do some other gear for the other slots. I love the long range and the consistent damage it deals. I don't even have the OP build. I struggle against heavy gunners lvl 70+ unlike the OP builds you can see on YouTube or wherever you can find them. But I still like that gun. I often use it to gun down enemies long range. This nerf is basically killing the gun for me. This nerf is not the same as small stat nerf, it's changing the mechanics of the weapon. It is NOT the same. It's breaks the gameplay. They did the same for many other gear, warframes included. THAT is what I don't like. Catchmoon will never play the same with the nerf they planned, doesn't matter if they buff the stats later on. It was the same for other nerfs they did. That is also what i'm against. I also did mention that you were free to like/dislike what you want, but do not complain when they decide that Sicarius Prime is used too much because they nerfed everything else and it was the only viable weapon for everyone. Do you see my point here? Edit : the nerf game is a slippery slope and i'm afraid DE is riding it like kids in kindergarten.
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