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  1. I'm been really struggling with Arbis and Sorties and other endgame content. I'm still using the Hek and although it does do damage I feel like I could get better weapons now. Is building up my Hek even further worth it? And what primary/secondary weapons would you guys recommend me to get (I'm happy with my Broken War as melee, it can handle high lvl enemies). Any help is really appreciated.
  2. Was Excal your starting frame? If so then just press 2.
  3. Okay so recently in Warframe I've competed the star chart and the main story quests. I'm MR7 and in this awkward state of not being a high lvl pro at the game but not being new or a noob, so I know what to do but I still kinda suck. I have okay mods, I still use the hek with a decent build (16.3k dmg and 6 shots in mag), I still to this day mainly use Rhino because he's the only frame I have that doesn't die in high lvl missions even though I have Mesa prime and and 6+ other frames, I don't have the mods to build them properly or the skills to use them effectively. Arbitrations and Sorties are
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